Will Vitor get a title shot?

By Josh Reese

UFC on FX 7 is in the home country of Vitor Belfort and the talk is all about if Micheal Bisping wins he will get a title shot. Dana White has mentioned on multiple occasions that Bisping is next for Anderson Silva if he gets past Belfort. White is right, Bisping has 5 wins in his last 6 fights and the 1 loss was to number 1 contender Chael Sonnen and it was a controversial decision who most had the fight going for Bisping. So we all know that Bisping vs. Silva will happen if he can grab the win in Brazil. We should also think what the hell happens if Vitor Belfort wins, he seems to be sorta written off here and there is a chance he could win.

So how close is Belfort to a fight with Anderson Silva? The best way I can sum it up is “he is close, but no cigar” sure Belfort is a top Middleweight but really where does he stack up in the 185 division. Chris Weidman is a legit contender, Strikeforce champ Luke Rockhold is no doubt somewhere in the mix. What about a guy like Constantinos Philippou who is riding a monster win streak and coming of a win against a top 10 fighter in Tim Boetsch. Belfort is no doubt some where in the top 10 but he has 2 title fights in his last 4 fights which were both finish losses. At UFC 126 Belfort got his shot against Silva and is now known for eating Silva’s foot and then going to sleep. Does anyone really think that fight could have went a diffident way had he not gotten the front kick to the face?

After that loss to Silva he was able to pick up back to back wins both by way of a 1st round finish, after that mini run he was going to face Wanderlei Silva but injured his hand. After being pulled and receiving surgery he was positioned to fight Alan Belcher at UFC 153, then “the cancellation” happened. Belfort was the only guy to step up and fight Jon Jones at 205 for a shot at the belt. Why did he do that? I think he knew that a fight with Jones was going to be the only way he would get a title shot in the near future, a fight between Belcher vs. Belfort was not going to get him a fight with Anderson Silva.

So we give Belfort credit for putting the Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones in some real danger (almost broke his arm). When looking at his recent resume, a win over Yoshihiro Akiyama, a win over Anthony Johnson and a loss to Jon Jones and then today a win over Michael Bisping will not get him a fight with Silva…. Belfort is closer to fighting Wanderlei Silva again before a fight with Anderson Silva again.

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