Who should replace Frank Mir?

By Josh Reese

With all the excitement and build up of the 1st UFC/Strikeforce cross over fight it died when just recently Mir had to pull with an injury, with Cormier still on the card we offer are best attempt at finding a suitable replacement for the great Frank Mir. We first have to look at why Mir was chosen in the first place, Mir is coming of a loss to current champ JDS and with no title shot looming in the near future Cormier is the best fight anyone could put together….. So below is a list of guys that could face Cormier

1. Fedor Emelianenko (34-4-1NC) Could anyone think of a greater way to end the Strikeforce Heavyweight division? Fedor an all time top five and Cormier one of the best up and comers in a long time this would be the best thing Zuffa could get.

2. Tim Sylvia (31-7-1NC) This fight already once was almost put together, would be some buzz but coming off a recent no contest this fight is more unlikely to happen.

3. Mark Hunt (8-7) Riding a 3 fight win streak but is recovering form an injury, would be a great fight if it could happen… Make it happen Mark!

4. Cheick Kongo (18-7-2) The UFC could punish Kongo for his horrible fight against Shawn Jordan and make him fight Cormier, the fight would sell and be an interesting match up.

5. DJ Linderman (14-3) This is the most off the wall but if you have no other choice you could get a lot worse the Linderman… Both guys have about the same body type, he has never been KO’d and has yet to tap. He is fighting early October and is always down to fight, with a win he’d be 4-0 this year.

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