What if Silva wins?

By Josh Reese

UFC 148 is headlined by Anderson Silva the UFC’s greatest champion and Chael Sonnen the only man to come close to beating him. The question is what is the best thing for the UFC? Should Silva win or Should Sonnen win? Regardless who wins, the UFC has amazing options to consider. The most dominate champion in UFC history has been tested once while under the UFC banner and Sonnen was 1:50 seconds from pulling out a shocking and stunning win. We all know what happened though Silva slapped a slick triangle armbar and forced Sonnen to tap.

Since the two have fought each other both have been on 2 fight win streaks. Silva with wins over Vitor Belfort with a KO and Yushin Okami via a TKO, Sonnen with a decision over Michael Bisping and Submission over Brian Stann.

If Silva wins, what is left for the most complete and dominate champion in UFC history. He is on the wrong side of 30 being 37 most people give Silva a few more fights at the most. He really will have nothing more to prove. The long time Middleweight has flirted at Light Heavyweight and started his career at Welterweight. If Silva wins maybe the only thing left is a show down with either Jon Jones at Light Heavyweight or down at Welterweight for Georges St-Pierre. Either fight could be sold anywhere on earth and be a very high grossing PPV.

There are a few things in life that are certain, Americans paying taxes, gas will be over 3 dollars, and that no matter where you are you will step in gum. The only thing more certain then those is that if Sonnen wins, there will be an immediate rematch. That would not only be the biggest rematch but the biggest trilogy in the history of the sport and no doubt it would take place inside a giant Brazillan soccer stadium or even bigger 105,000 seat Cowboy Stadium.

Dana tried once at Cowboy Stadium with Fedor and Brock and swung and missed, his second attempt could be bigger Silva vs Sonnen III , Silva vs Jones or even the dream match between Silva vs St-Pierre.It may have taking a while for this rematch to happen, but either way it goes down the UFC will be fat and happy with the options it will have in front of them.

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