War Machine Headed Back To Jail

By: Mike Thorwart

According to War Machine’s Twitter account, his stint as a free man has come to an end once again.

via @warmachine170 from February 2nd.

“Seems my year in jail wasnt enough. Just got sentenced to another year in Vegas for some old bullshit. Nevermind Im rehabilitated. Nevermind

Ive been out for over 6 months now and doing great and am finally back on my feet. Nevermind all my students that will miss me. Do another year and rot n waste time. Make no money, pay no taxes. Whatever, I just hope my boy @bensaundersMMA wins @BellatorMMA tournament.”

Fuck the motherfucking system! Fuck the bullshit! Vacation time, back to jail in 2 weeks!

War Machine has been out of jail for around six months now as he served time for felony assault stemming from two separate incidents where he was involved in physical altercations.

War Machine is coming off of a devastating TKO victory over Roger Huerta back in November of 2011.

He was added to the Bellator season 6 welterweight tournament but obviously this will no longer be happening.

At this time Fat Ninja Media has no more information on this matter as it was simply taken from his Twitter. Stay tuned to Fat Ninja Media or follow War Machine on Twitter for updates on this situation as it unfolds.

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