Volkmann is out!

By Josh Reese

Jacob Volkmann’s run as a UFC fighter has ended, for the time being at least. At an overall record of 15-4 the outspoken wrestler has been cut, despite his 6-2 run in the UFC’s toughest and most talent packed division Volkmann is no longer need. Going 1-2 in his last 3 fights combo’d with the influx of Strikeforce fighters coming over and the overall oddness of some of his antics the UFC it would seem has decided to go another way. No doubt Volkmann will get picked up somewhere (Bellator, RFA, ect) if he wants to. As a man that wears many hats this may be an opportunity to take a break and relook at things in his camp and personality.

By cutting Volkmann who over all in the UFC was 6-4 (Lost 2 fights at Welterweight before moving to Lightweight) The message was sent loud and clear to fighters on the UFC roster.
1. If you are going to be odd you best believe you better be a winner, a strange personality only works for someone that wins

2. Wrestlers are welcome but you better win, just recently the UFC has cut Volkmann and Marcus LeVesseur both OUTSTANDING wrestlers, but went 1-2 in their last 3 fights

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