UFC on FOX 4 ratings

By Josh Reese

UFC on FOX 4 did as well as it could have went, the fights were above average and the names were bigger then normal, Vera and Shogun headlined the Fox portion of the card. While Nam Phan and Cole Miller headlined the prelims which took part on Fuel TV. 8 of the 10 fights were finishes and the two fights the went all three rounds were exciting back and forths. While most things on TV took a week off to make way for the Olympics the UFC went head to head, while the ratings weren’t as great as the fights were. They still weren’t anything to scoff at, the Fox portion of the event pulled a 1.4 which averages to a little under 2.5 million people watching the event. The numbers are still trending down from the outstanding 5.7 million people who seen the Heavyweight title fight between Dos Santos and Velasquez, but the its still the first year and a feeling out process. The Fuel TV prelims portion of the event featured 6 fights and was headlined by Phan and Miller, the event seen 194,000 people see the event which is a record for Fuel TV.

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