UFC Lightweight contenders?

By Josh Reese


UFC of FOX 3 headlined by Nate Diaz v Jim Miller is not a number contender fight, or is it? Today Diaz told the media via phone conference “That’s what I was told was happening”. So whether it is or isn’t 1st things 1st, Frankie Edgar is getting his rematch with Benson Henderson. The UFC Lightweight division is the only division in the UFC with so little movement.


When Frankie Edgar won the belt against B.J. Penn, Penn was granted a immediate rematch and the same goes for Gray Maynard, and now the same for Edgar. It has created a log jam of top 155ers that haven’t been giving a chance to fight for the strap. Bring in Jim Miller, after a 2009 loss to Maynard, Miller then ran off 7 straight wins. Donald Cerrone was also on an impressive winning streak, with 6 straight wins before a loss to Nate Diaz at UFC 141. As well as others who could have went for the belt. So this bout between Miller and Diaz will go a long way to unclogging the Lightweight division as long as the winner will get the winner of Edgar v Henderson.


So here is the question, is it fair there are so many rematches in this division? Tell us your thoughts below!

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