UFC Fight Pass: The Good, Bad, the Ugly and the verdict

Fight Pass

By Montique David

The Good

UFC Fight Pass contains a vast library of recent as well as distant past fights. If you want to see Rashad Evans get blasted by Lyoto Machida’s signature blitz, or see Bisping eating an H-Bomb, this is the place for you. The library contains hundreds and hundreds of fights right at your fingertips not only from the UFC but also from PRIDE, the WEC, Strikeforce as well as EliteXC.

The UFC has done a great job of compiling video libraries over the years and having a massive amount of content. Fans of fighters like Fedor Emelianenko can rejoice at having his PRIDE and Strikeforce fights available. So whether you’ve missed a recent fight or want to take a stroll down memory lane, Fight Pass has a lot to offer to the UFC history buff.

Fight pass also offers a fair amount of live and original content. Most overseas UFC Fight Night cards will be shown exclusively on Fight Pass, along with overseas market Ultimate Fighter shows.

The Bad

The main issue with fans is that the UFC isn’t delivering enough content for the casual MMA fan. The aforementioned UFC Fight Night Cards and Ultimate Fighter shows are shows that were free to watch. It does add to the content however some view it as paying for substandard material.

One minor issue has been the streaming of the live events. This is a minor issue because while it is a nuisance, it is the norm when it comes to first time streaming services and even services like Netflix that have been streaming for years.

The Ugly

Two words- WWE Network. These two networks launched very close to one another and by comparison WWE offers much more bang for your buck than does the UFC. All Twelve of their Pay Per View Events will be broadcast on the Network which in itself represents over a $600 value. Most Wrestling fans would gladly pay the $120 yearly tag just for that service. However the WWE also includes original shows and their full library as well. The service truly is over the top.

Where this hurts UFC Fight Pass is that it shows fans a better value for their $9.99 a month. The UFC is a Pay Per View business and as such we should never expect them to include all Pay Per Views in their online services however to keep up they may have to up the ante.

The Verdict

UFC Fight Pass is a very good tool if you want to watch every single fight that the UFC has and will offer. If I had to guess I would say that the UFC is targeting the hardcore fans for this service and not so much the casual fan.

Either way, Casual fan or not I suggest that you start with the free seven day trial and go from there. Me personally I feel like there’s enough content to justify the price tag. I’ll get to watch Wanderlei absolutely terrorize Chael Sonnen one day a week in the near future as well as catch fighters like Alexander Gustafsson and Jimi Manuwa in live fights.

In terms of value I give it a 7/10. But come on, you spend 10 bucks on worst things every month right?


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