UFC 155 Fights to make

By Josh Reese

Now that the final card of the year is over, we are left with the thoughts of what to do with these guys after their wins… Its a tough job to match make in the UFC but we at Fat Ninja Media try to do the best Joe Silva impersonation that is possible…

Cain Velasquez (11-1) Was able to prove that JDS is human, Velasquez looked to be a better version of JDS during the UFC 155 fight. The next fight for the Champ will be Alistair Overeem (36-11) if he is able to get past Antonio Silva (17-4). If Silva wins they might have to dig deep, Silva vs. Velasquez might not be sellable. So maybe a worse case of Velasquez sitting a little while

Junior Dos Santos (15-2) Looked like a ghost of himself, I am not even sure if he left Brazil…. Dana White said the trilogy might not happen soon, the loser of Silva vs. Overeem would be perfect!

Jim Miller (22-4) Like Velasquez and Dos Santos there is only one fight that makes since for Jim Miller and Joe Lauzon (22-8) the winner of Donald Cerrone (19-4-1NC) vs. Anthony Pettis (15-2) gets Miller and the loser gets Lauzon this will give you a true number 1 contender and give you a excellent fun fight with the 2 losers.

Costa Philippou (12-2-NC) Bing bang boom this guy is ridding a 5 fight win streak he needs another big fight he is for real its time to treat him that way… Yushin Okami (28-7) looked good and fighting Philippou would be a great way to find out which one gets a number one contenders fight!

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