UFC 154 best to worst fights

This Saturday GSP makes his long awaited return to some serious competition, the winner of the fight could change the division for the next year…. The card is stacked top to bottom and should be a great night of fights be it on Facebook, FX, or on the PPV Main card.. Below the fights are ranked 1-14 in terms of excitement, buzz, meaningfulness.

Ranking UFC 154’s fights, best to worst

1. Welterweight – Georges St-Pierre (22-2) (c) vs. Carlos Condit (28-5) (ic) (PPV)
Regardless your thoughts or my thoughts about GSP being boring or whatever, this is a champion vs champion fight. If GSP pulls of a win we will get a super fight, and if Condit wins we will see new title fights in the Welterweight division

2. Welterweight – Martin Kampmann (20-5) vs. Johny Hendricks (13-1) (PPV)
The UFC may not come out and say this is a number one contenders fight but it is the closest thing to one both guys are dynamic fighters and should be very exciting.

3. Middleweight – Francis Carmont (19-7) vs. Tom Lawlor (8-4-1NC) (PPV)
As most UFC cards your top 3 fights should be your best fights and on this card they are, although Carmont is 31 he has hit a 2nd gear in the UFC and has outclassed almost all the guy’s he has faced so far. Lawlor is an enigma warp up in facial hair you never know if the world beater will show up or the guy who is just having fun.

4. Lightweight – Mark Bocek (11-4) vs. Rafael dos Anjos (17-6) (FX)
An interesting fight in the 155 division, both guys is inching their way to respectability and both are riding 2 fight win streaks. It will also be a case of Canadian Jiu Jitsu vs. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

5. Featherweight – Steven Siler (21-9) vs. Darren Elkins (14-2) (Facebook)
Both guys are riding 3 fight win streaks and even though it’s buried on the undercard the winner of this fight should get himself a big name in his next fight.

6. Middleweight – Patrick Cote (17-8) vs. Alessio Sakara (15-9-1NC) (FX)
This fight may mean nothing in terms of standings, but these guys both like to toss around the leather. Both guys are coming off a loss and in the case of Sakara, he could be fighting for his UFC life.

7. Light Heavyweight – Cyrille Diabate (18-8-1) vs. Chad Griggs (11-2) (FX)
Like number 6, means nothing ranking wise but should be an entertaining bout. Griggs a small Heavyweight was outclassed in his 1st UFC appearance and now drops down to 205 to survive. Diabate on the other hand is a huge 6’6 205’er and is striker. This bout should be mainly contested standing up.

8. Featherweight – Mark Hominick (20-11) vs. Pablo Garza (11-3) (PPV)
Back when the UFC made this card they were hoping Hominick would be one of the stars of the card… Not so much, the winner of this fight gets to keep their job, both are riding losing streaks.

9. Middleweight – Nick Ring (13-1) vs. Costa Philippou (11-2-1NC) (PPV)
Both guys have brought it at times and in the case of Ring he was lucky to get the win last time, will he risk letting it go to a decision again. Philippou riding high on the wings of a 4 fight win streak, is a great boxer and this could be a close back and forth

10. Bantamweight – Ivan Menjivar (24-9) vs. Azamat Gashimov (7-1) (Facebook)
Smaller guys more often than not have better fights, and in the case of this fight it should be a one sided shutout for Menjivar. His only losses when fighting in Canada are too Urijah Faber, Jason Black, and GSP, so in other words Gashimov will have a tough time ahead of him.

11. Lightweight – Sam Stout (18-7-1) vs. John Makdessi (9-2) (FX)
Sam Stout at number 11 shows you how deep this card is, this one could end quickly as Makdessi is a little over his head here. Stout in his last 7 fights has collected 5 bonuses, while Makdessi is the losser of 2 in a row.

12. Featherweight – Antonio Carvalho (14-5) vs. Rodrigo Damm (10-5) (Facebook)
This bout is a pretty decent fight, both guys are average 145’ers and it is a though division and 2 wins in a row really don’t mean much. Carvalho has big hands and is good finisher, Damm is a great submission specialist.

13. Welterweight – Matthew Riddle (6-3-1NC) vs. John Maguire (18-4)
I look at this way, any fight that involves Matt Riddle is going to be one of the worst fights… This fight involves Matt Riddle so itsssss dead last.

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