UFC 153 FX prelim

By Josh Reese

UFC FX prelims previews of the 4 fights before the 6 fight man card in Brazil!

Welterweight: Sergio Moraes (6-2) vs. Renee Forte (7-1)
Both men are alumni of the 1st ever TUF Brazil, Moraes a world class grappler will have the advantage on the ground and will be hungry coming of a loss to the Middleweight (TUF) Brazil champ. Forte could be a little rusty having not fought in a year is coming of a win in his last fight.

Featherweight: Diego Brandao (14-8) vs. Joey Gambino (9-1)
Brandao and Gambino are both coming off a loss in Gambino’s case it’s the 1st of his career. Gambino lost his last fight to the ever dangerous and lanky 145’er Steven Siler, but before that loss he was able to finish 8 of his 9 opponents. Brandao after the whirlwind of wining TUF was able to keep the momentum and lost a decision to Darren Elkins in his last fight, but before that he was also able to finish a high number of his fights.

Lightweight: Gleison Tibau (25-8) vs. Francisco Trinaldo (11-1)
Tibau since joining the UFC he has lost to 6 fights in 16 and those 6 losses have come to the cream of the crop of the division, he has not lost to a chump since 2005. Trinaldo on the chump or not scale falls into the chump list not only is he a Middleweight he is coming down 2 weight classes, no way will he look the same as we saw on TUF Brazil.

Featherweight: Rony Jason (11-3) vs. Sam Sicilia (11-1)
Personally will be my most favorite fight of the night a matchup between TUF USA and TUF Brazil, although Jason won the Brazil season, both guys are also riding 6 fight plus win streaks. Sicilia will be the more powerful guy that can really hurt you, while Jason is the more technical fighter in all areas. Sicilia has ended 6 fights with his fists while Jason uses his Jiu Jitsu to stop 7 guys by way of submission.

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