UFC 151 canceled

By Josh Reese

For the first time ever a UFC event has been canceled, no not because Mandalay Bay double booked and the Rolling Stones are coming, not because a Tornado whisked away Mandalay bay, UFC 151 was canceled because Dan Henderson has a legit injury, and Jon Jones said no……. Since Dana got word he has been tirelessly working the phones and found a replacement for Dan Henderson with only a weeks notice which is a almost impossible.

Chael Sonnen told Dana he would take the fight on short notice, and as much smack as Sonnen as Jones has shared you think this would be a no brainier, Jones would take the fight and give Sonnen the beating of a lifetime…. Instead Jones and his team said no Jackson told Jones that fighting Sonnen would be the worst mistake possible, and he listen and refused the fight… Regardless of what you think about Sonnen and his trash talk, he is not all talk he wants to fight and he proved it by wanting to take the fight with a bigger and stronger fighter…

So now Jones has cost fight fans, and cost all the other fighters on the card a opportunity to go out there and do what they love, go out and fight and make money. Not every fighter is on Jones’s level most of the guys on the card need to make money and fight. So now the Main even will be moved to UFC 152 in Canada which will in turn be UFC 151, going forward Jones’s selfish actions could cost him a lot fans, the big money he wants, sponsors, and is belt… If he does not accept Lyoto Machida next month he could be stripped of his belt or even worse be cut from the UFC. If Jones learns anything from today, the UFC can make somebody and they can take it away just as quickly

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