UFC 150 Preview- Ben Henderson vs Frankie Edgar Breakdown


By Montique David

In a rematch of one of the most exciting fights of the year, Ben Henderson will defend his newly won  UFC Light Heavyweight Championship against Frankie Edgar.

One thing is for sure- This fight is going to be a masterpiece. Striking, takedowns, submissions, clinch work, excellent boxing and amazing kicks will be on full display.

But the real question is- who’s got more to learn and who is having the advantage so far.

Tale of the Tape















Average Fight Time



Finishing %








In the last fight Ben’s strategy was to keep it standing and pick Frankie apart with his more diverse standup. Early in the fight he used his jab to try and get “The Answer” to question himself, along with solid leg kicks to negate his speed advantage.

For the fight he was 35 of 131 using his jab and 13 of 21 with his leg kicks. But for the most part it didn’t work. Frankie was well prepared for that attack- often catching leg kicks and using his superior head movement and footwork to dodge jabs.

However, Ben was more active, landing 87 of 264 (33%) of his significant strikes. Frankie went 68 of 190 (36%) which includes 28 of 98 in head power shots. It was plain to see that Frankie had a speed and quickness advantage, but “Smooth” clearly damaged “The Answer” more with his power. Look for “Bendo” to mix it up a lot more in this rematch.

Advantage- Henderson



Frankie’s strategy was clear as well in the last fight. Use his quick boxing and level changes then execute timely takedowns.

Before the upkick heard around the world, Edgar’s plan was working to perfection going 5 for 12 on takedowns. Henderson wasn’t as concerned with taking the fight to the ground as he was one for one on takedowns in 25 minutes- a far cry from his average of 3.49 takedowns per 15 minutes.

However even with Frankie being able to take the fight to the ground he was never able to cause significant damage as the larger Henderson was able to get back up to his feet in good time. Frankie should be looking to utilize his wrestling even more if he’s to pull out a victory.

Advantage- Edgar



This fight is almost a lock to repeat as Fight of the Night. Two warriors well versed in all aspects of MMA getting in the Octagon and dancing again for the ultimate Lightweight prize.

This fight is going to be a lot like the first fight with Ben getting the better of striking exchanges and Frankie able to bring the fight to the ground for brief periods of time. Nobody’s getting a finish, but it’ll still be a Fight of the Year candidate.

Prediction- Ben Henderson by Unanimous decision




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