UFC 148 Pro Picks

By Josh Reese

Pro picks for the main card of UFC 148, the guest panel will include feedback from UFC’ers Nick Penner LHW (11-2), Shawn Jordan HW (13-3) and top BW Joel Roberts (8-3) along with my un pro thoughts of how the fights will go.

Middleweight Championship fight
Anderson Silva (31-4) vs Chael Sonnen (27-11-1)

Nick Penner “I have to go with Silva. Silva is a finisher, Sonnen has 16-17 wins going the distance. Sonnen has to fight a complete perfect fight to win, but no one is perfect as we seen last time. Thats was also an injured Silva.”
Shawn Jordan “I hope Chael but it’s unlikely”
Joel Roberts “I think that Silva is going to TKO Chael in the second round. Silva finally has a fight he needed to train hard for and not just go through the motions”
Me “Everyone talks that Silva is old, blah, blah, blah, Sonnen is just about as old. Like Shawn Jordan I am rooting for Sonnen but I feel that we see the best Anderson Silva ever on UFC 148 and I fear for Sonnen’s life”

Light Heavyweight
Forrest Griffin (18-7) vs Tito Ortiz (16-10-1)

Shawn Jordan “I like Griffin but still I think Tito gets that one”
Joel Roberts “Griffin by way of a 3 round decision”
Nick Penner “I like Griffin for this one. I don’t think Ortiz will get him to the ground that easy, and Griffin is a lot better on his feet then Ortiz.”
Me ‘Ortiz in his last 8 fights has 1 win and Griffin has 5, I’ll go with the guy with 5 wins”

Cung Le (7-2) vs Patrick Cote (17-7)

Joel Roberts “Le with a 3 round decision”
Nick Penner “As we seen with the Wanderlei fight, if Cung Lee gets pressured, he shy’s away. I can’t see Cote trying to pick him apart from a distance. He is going to be in Cung Lee’s face, and he is going to win. Besides that, Cote is Canadian, I always have to go with the Canadians.”
Me ”I agree with Roberts but no way it’s a decision I could very easily see a TKO or KO via Head kick”

Dong Hyun Kim (15-1-1-1NC) vs Demian Maia (15-4)

Nick Penner “I think the Stun Gun has a chance of knocking Maia out. He improves a lot fight to fight and I think it’s going to be a repeat of Maia’s, Marquardt fight. I don’t think it will happen right away though, maybe in round 3.”
Joel Roberts “Maia with a submission”
Me “Very interesting fight, both fighters as of late have been decision guys, but you got a strong stand guy going against a strong ground game. I am going with Kim in a decision”

Chad Mendes (11-1) vs Cody McKenzie (13-2)

Joel Roberts “Mendes gives a TKO to McKenzie”
Nick Penner “Without a doubt, Mendes takes McKenzie down. I can’t see McKenzie pulling off a submission and all of his wins in the UFC have come by submission. Add a bit of GNP from Mendes and you get a win.”
Me “Like Penner I feel Mendes most deff takes McKenzie down, although I feel he has been in every single situation someone can be on while on the ground I think McKenzie gets his sub”

Ivan Menjivar (24-8) vs Mike Easton (12-1)

Me “Before seeing Easton’s last fight I would have said KO all the way this guy is built like a rock, I still feel he pulls out a W but the cagey vet Menjivar will give him all he can handle could very well end up a fight of the night if the main event ends early Easton split decision win”
Nick Penner “Honestly, I’m not too sure. If I had to bet, I would bet on Menjivar.”
Joel Roberts “Mike Easton 3 round decision”

You can follow Shawn and Nick on twitter @savageshawn & @nickpenner
Joel Roberts you will find on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/joel.roberts.988

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