TUF Smashes by the Smashes fighters

By Josh Reese

TUF Smashes the 2nd ever Ultimate Fighter outside of the US ended recently with the UFC of FX 6 where the Finale of the show also was concluded. The show was fun and unique for anyone that missed it you missed a smashing time! The show was not short on interestingness, “Smashes” started out very different from most other TUF’s we have seen. None of the fighters had to fight to get in the house, the fighters were sort of hand chosen after being screened by the UFC. “The fact that we did not fight until we were on the show I guess kept a few of the nerves inside, fighting to get in really lets the nerves go and the first fight in the house would be more relaxed” Benny Alloway shared.

The teams were set for team Australia, Benny Alloway, Xavier Lucas, Manny Rodriguez and Robert Whittaker (James Vainikolo joined later due to injury) were part of the Welterweights. Team Australia’s Lightweights included Grant Blackler, Patrick Iodice, Richie Vaculik and Ben Wall. For team UK the Welterweight cast included Luke Newman, Bola Omoyele, Valentino Petrescu and Brad Scott. The Lightweights for team UK were Colin Fletcher, Norman Parke, Michael Pastou and Mike Wilkinson (Brendan Loughnane joined due to injury). This season showcased to America some of the best talent us American’s have not seen.

After being in the house Benny Alloway shared with us some of his highlights of the season, including being the 1st Aussie to get a win and finish on the show. Colin Fletcher enjoyed hopping it up with Dana White, and having fun. Nemours times during the show Fletcher could be seen having fun and living up to his name “The Freakshow” Despite being made for TV Fletcher was a hard working guy, during the show proving that you can have fun while training and working. To a man Ben Wall, Benny Alloway, and Colin Fletcher all confirmed that the beef between coaches Ross Pearson and George Sotiropoulos was very real and so much behind the scenes that they can’t say.

Coming out of the season Wall told us that he will take back to new drills to his training camp back home. Alloway shared “I learned that I have what it takes to be a part of the UFC, there were a few doubts before the show but the show has just given my confidence that little push I needed to believe I belong on that UFC roster.” During the finale he showed that with a 1st round finish over fellow TUF Aussie Manuel Rodriguez. He shared with us that he was only giving a one fight contact with the UFC but with his finish you can bet he could be a part of the UFC’s plans in the future. Colin Fletcher on the other hand made it to the finale and lost a entertaining 3 round decision to Lightweight winner Norman Parke, we asked if he would be part of the UFC “I’m trying to stay positive and keep my fingers crossed” Fletcher shared. The best guess is that he most definitely will be part of the UFC roster Fletcher is made for TV and he is a decent fighter to boot. Wall is a little bit different of a story, he lost during the show but he has potential. He did tell us that nothing is confirmed yet about his future plans, but he does plan on making an announcement very soon.

For the next time TUF comes to the UK or Australia don’t let the opportunity pass you by the Freakshow shared this for anyone that thanks about doing TUF. “You only get one life so if your lucky enough to get in, enjoy!”

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