TUF Smashers update

By Josh Reese

TUF Smashers is the UFC’s attempt at another successful endeavor outside of the USA, TUF Brazil just concluded with nothing but high marks from Brazil. It was a big hit, the coaches were Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva.

TUF Smashers will be a little bit different, as it pits the U.K. vs the Australians. Unlike Brazil there are no top ten Australians and very few top ten Englishmen. The coaches will be announced in July but a few guys to keep your eye on. Team Australia: George Sotiropoulos LW (14-4), Anthony Perosh LHW (13-6) and the wild card Mark Hunt HW (8-7) but he is from New Zealand not Australia. Team England: Ross Pearson FW (13-6), Michael Bisping MW (22-4).

My guess is that it could be George and Michael, both are top fighters in their respective countries and both have nothing going on UFC wise for the near future.

TUF Smashers is slated to air during the fall, and tryouts have been underway. The weight classes for the fighters trying out are between 135-170 pounds so no telling yet what or which divisions will be featured on the show. It is still undetermined yet how fans in the USA will be able to watch, but it could work like TUF Brazil, via Facebook or UFC.com and then later of Fuel TV.

Due to this being a fall show, it was confirmed that the Smashers Finale will not take place on UFC on Fuel TV 5 which will take place on Sept. 29 in Nottingham, England. The Finale will take place card to be announced but towards the end of the year, if not beginning of the next.

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