TUF 16 Finale matches to make

By Josh Reese

Below are fights that should be made following the TUF 16 Finale

Heavyweight – Roy Nelson (18-7) Since joining the UFC Roy has only lost to Champions, a former Champion and a number one contender and only by decision’s. On the other hand the 5 wins he has had in the UFC have all come by KO. Dana may hate Nelson but he is entertaining win or lose, because Dana hates Nelson it might keep him away from a top tier fight but a fight with Mark Hunt could be epic! I could see a fight between Stipe Miocic (9-1) vs. Roy Nelson (18-7) much more plausible

Welterweight – Colton Smith (4-1) Military man Colton Smith wrestled his way to become the TUF 16 Welterweight champion, he is looking to move down to Lightweight. I have the most excellent fight for the UFC, Michael Chiesa (8-0) vs. Colton Smith (4-1) it would pit TUF 15 and TUF 16 winners against each other.

Heavyweight – Pat Barry (8-5) WOW such a tough fight to predict, he has fought a lot of guys in the UFC he isn’t a top fighter but he sure as hell is exciting to watch win or lose much like Roy Nelson. Maybe Travis Browne (13-1-1) vs. Pat Barry (8-5) and that is only because the time lines could match up.

Featherweight – Dustin Poirier (13-2) A former top contender, looked very strong against a bigger Jonathan Brookins. Poirier is inching his way back up to the top of the mountain, in his next fight he should meet another former top contender inching his way back up, Chad Mendes (13-1) vs. Dustin Poirier (13-2) for the right to be in a number 1 contenders match.

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