TPF 14 Results & the Worst MMA Ref Ever!

By Josh Reese

In a night of fun and excitement Tachi Palace, put on a free and live card that anyone with a laptop and free Wi-Fi could afford. The night featured young talent and fighters inching to regain the spotlight they once had. TPF 14 had 2 title fights on the line, the main event was for the Bantamweight belt and was between Casey Olson and Ian Loveland.

Loveland came out strong and dropped Olson with a shin to the face and after a few punches Olson was out and Loveland pushed his post UFC record to 2-0 with a title and a title defense. The Co-main event had the Featherweight belt up for grabs between Georgi Karakhanyan and Micah Miller. A 5 round grueling back and forth clinch fest ensued between the 2 men, which saw Karakhanyan just barley out work Miller during the 4th and 5th rounds. Karakhanyan earned the unanimous decision and also retained his belt, pushing his post Bellator career to 5-0. UFC’er Michael McDonald’s brother Brad McDonald was hand to fight Art Arciniega, after close rounds McDonald tried to finish and put it on Arciniega but he continued to circle out of trouble Arciniega won the split decision.

The biggest story of the show was not a woeful performance of a fighter, but more the woeful and dangerous performance of a certain MMA referee. Marcos Rosales, did a horrible job in almost every fight he was a part of. Fighters are warriors and have a warriors mentally it is up to Rosales to protect the fighters, but in fact he put 3 fighters in harm’s way.

The 2nd fight between Zeth Martin and David Bollea (Hulk Hogan’s nephew)should have been stopped mid round 1 but he allowed the fight to continue even with Bollea not fighting back. In the 2nd rd it was finally stopped ironically after Bollea started to fight back.

The 6th fight between Rolando Velasco and Antonio Duarte could have literally killed Duarte, Velasco had a choke on Duarte and he tapped out on the mat. Only Rosales did not see it, seconds later you could see Duarte go limp and still nothing from the ref, it took the cageside announcers yelling at the top of their lungs “He is out, Stop the fight” to get the attention of Rosales. Duarte finally freed laid their motionless, lucky after a few minutes he came back too.

The 8th fight between Andre Fili and Ricky Wallace, almost certainly shorted the career of Wallace plenty of times he was out and back. Wallace stumbled around the ring wobbly and rocked, after making it to round 2 he was caught in a chocke and while working out of it, Rosales pulled him away and waved off the fight, no tap at all.

It is true the referees of any sport have the hardest job, hell the MMA ref’s have a tougher job then the fighters sometimes. A fighter just has to punch each other in the face, MMA ref’s have to know when a fighter is not defending himself, fighters to a lesser extent put their life’s in the hands of these men and women. Refs need to be held accountable for their performances good or bad, one thought is that the commission and ref’s should hold a press conference of their own after the fight. People need to know what is going through these men and women’s heads.

The whole card results
(C) Ian Loveland (16-9) beat Casey Olson (14-4) via rd 1 KO
(C) Georgi Karakhanyan (19-3) beat Micah Miller (17-5) via 5 rd decision
Art Arciniega (12-4) beat Brad McDonald (8-3) via 3 rd decision
Andre Fili (10-1) beat Ricky Wallace (11-4) via rd 2 Tech Sub
Jason Drake (5-5) lost to Poppies Martinez (21-8) via rd 1 Sub
Antonio Duarte (16-5) lost to Rolando Velasco (7-2) via rd 1 Sub
Anthony Avila (9-1) beat Sergio Quinones (7-12) via rd 1 Sub
Angel DeAnda (10-2) beat Drew Montgomery (12-6) via rd 2 TKO
Javier Galas (0-2) lost to Alex Perez (6-2) via rd 1 Sub
David Bollea (3-2) lost to Zeth Martin (1-1)via rd 2 TKO
Kristen Gatz (0-1) lost to Jessica Rakoczy (1-3-1) via rd 1 TKO

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