Top ten Lightweights

By Josh Reese

This is FNM’s top 10 Lightweights, we would like to think Dana White and the UFC for UFC 150 as 4 top LW’s were the Main and Co-Main event. It help’d us round straighten out our rankings… Some guys that aren’t in the top 10 that you should watch out for, Rick Hawn with Bellator (14-1), Tim Means (18-3-1) in the UFC, Khabib Nurmagomedov (18-0) with the UFC.

1. Ben Henderson (17-2) Regardless how you feel, he is the champion and he as defended his belt. If not for the wall kick from Anthony Pettis we would have been the last WEC champion and would be riding 16-0 win streak, instead he is undefeated in the UFC at 5-0

2. Nate Diaz (16-7) Since being back down at Lightweight, he is 3-0 and is the next contender for the 155 belt. He destroyed Donald Cerrone, and outclassed Jim Miller, since his current run at LW he seems to have put it altogether

3. Frankie Edgar (14-3-1) What can you say about Frankie, true he hasn’t beat Henderson…. But really you could say Henderson hasn’t beating him either to be honest both fights could have been a drawm and if they fought 10 times every fight would end the same way.. True he is 1-2 in his last 3 fights but you just can’t drop him for his last 2 loses…. With Frankie out of the title picture for a while wouldn’t it be nice to see Melendez v Edgar?

4. Gilbert Melendez (21-2) He is the Strikeforce champion, but you have to feel bad about Gil. He is stuck at SF and he has made no bones about he wants to test himself against the top competition in the world the UFC. He has about to run out of competition, if he beats Pat Healy whats left?

5. Gray Maynard (11-1-1-1NC) The former champ may be ranked just a touch high but we believe in “The Bully” and as long as he doesn’t run in to Edgar we like his odds to make it back to a title shot….

6. Michael Chandler (10-0) It was hard ranking Gil and Michael, basically Gil has been doing it longer so he is ranked higher. By no means is that disrespect he is a beast and Bellator’s champion, and he could be for a while.

7. Donald Cerrone (19-4-1NC) Aside from his one sided beat down against Nate Diaz Cerrone, he’d rolling with a long win streak.. He did to Jeremy Stephens what Nate Diaz did to him, and he just went toe to toe with KO artist Melvin Guillard and outlasted him.

8. Eddie Alvarez (23-3) Considered on his way to the UFC in less Bellator makes an offer he can’t refuse, he lost the Lightweight belt to Michael Chandler but he is still one of the top 155ers out there.

9. Pat Healy (25-16) Since being down at LW he has went 7-1 with his only loss coming to Josh Thomson, he will have a date with El Nino September 29. He was a decent Welterweight but has seemed to find his calling down at 155.

10. Anthony Pettis (15-2) One of 2 men to defeat current Champion Benson Henderson, inventor of the cage kick. His two losses have been Decision’s to Bart Palaszewski, and
Clay Guida. While he is only 2-0 in his last two fights but the sky is the limit for this dynamic fighter.

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