Top 5 Women 135’ers

By Josh Reese

The final Fatninja top ten list will actually be a top 5 of the women’s Bantamweights 135 lbs which we can all agree, if a women’s division is added to the UFC only the 135ers would make the cut. What better way to welcome the women to the stage other then Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg.

1. Ronda Rousey (6-0) what can you say negatively about this lady, regardless what you think about her stand up it’s pointless. Her only goal is to latch on to an arm and rip it off, she trains with the Diaz brothers so in a pinch if she needed to she could bang long enough to get you to the ground. 9 fights in her pro and ammy career all ended in the 1st round and all by arm bar.

2. Cristiane Santos “Cyborg” (10-1-1NC) this is more of a flyer, yes she is a Featherweight but if she wants the big money she has to move down. No doubt she is behind Rousey, but this lady is a monster and a devastating striker and a very legit grappler. 8 of her 10 wins have come via TKO or KO including finishing 4 straight people.

3. Miesha Tate (13-3) like most lady MMA fighters, this is one though chick she held in with Rousey to the bitter end, even got her arm snapped. She came back stronger and had a epic slug fest with Julie Kedzie, Tate has finished 9 of her 13 wins.

4. Sara McMann (6-0) one of the ladies that are motioned to be next for Rousey, McMann like Rousey is an Olympian McMann with her specialty in wrestling picking up the Silver medal in 2004 in Athens. She is very new to the scene, fighting since last year she has quickly picked up 6 wins and is a stone’s throw away from a belt. It was rumored she could have fought for the 1st Invicta FC Bantamweight belt but she was giving on over to Strikeforce.

5. Sarah Kaufman (15-2) got caught up in the Rousey hype train that’s the only way to describe her fight with the champ, her and us all know she could have looked much better. Her only other loss was to 145’er both ending by armbar, she has beaten top talent for years and she’ll be back.

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