Top 10 Welterweights

By Josh Reese

Yes its true GSP should be ranked somewhere in here, but till he gets back in the cage he just shouldn’t be ranked its unfair to the guys month in and month out winning. The fight with Condit should be a good test and should he pass that test we smell a super fight in the works!

1) Carlos Condit (28-5) since coming from the WEC his only loss is a split decision to the number 2 Welterweight Kampmann. He has 5 wins in a row and won the interim Welterweight belt in a close win over Nick Diaz. He will now look to prove his worth in a belt unification bout against Champion GSP

2) Martin Kampmann (20-5) yes Kampmann has 3 losses while Condit has 0 in same amount of time, but he has almost 2 times the amount of fights as Condit, it isn’t like his losses were to nobody’s. He is riding a 3 fight win streak, against legit competition.

3) Nick Diaz (26-8) The pot head…. Is a great fighter, he is the former Strikeforce Welterweight Champion. He was oh so close from a UFC belt, but he was not able to solve Condit’s game plan and instead has lost his chance to face GSP, he will get another though.

4) Nate Marquardt (32-10-2) still with Zuffa but now with Strikforce, he just recently picked up a win over Tyron Woodley who was unbeaten. Marquardt losses recently have been Middleweight greats, but he is a new man down at 170.

5) Johny Hendricks (13-1) is coming off a razor thin split decision over heady vet Josh Koscheck, he is riding a 4 fight win streak. In those 4 fights 2 of them he was able to showcase his KO power, dropping Jon Fitch and TJ Waldburger via his hands.

6) Jake Ellenberger (27-6) I was oh so close to putting him a little bit higher. In his last 8 fights his olny losses were to Kampmann and Condit and both of those were controversial. Regardless he is a force inside of the division.

7) Josh Koscheck (17-6) will be the biggest Condit on earth when GSP and Condit go down, because even though Koscheck is a top Welterweight he will not get a third bout with GSP. He is 1-1 in his last two bouts both thin split decision’s we could be looking at the down side of his career.

8) Rory MacDonald (13-1) a man among boys… Its odd to say since he is still so young but Aside from his loss to Condit, MacDonald has been on the side handing out the one sided beatings. He made Che Mills and Nate Diaz look like guys Dana White picked of the street to fight with him. He may not be long for this division, but till he leaves he will be a top ten guy.

9) Ben Askren (10-0) the Bellator champion since season 3 may not be the most exciting fighter god put on earth, but he gets results and by that I mean he is undefeated. He trains at Roufusport so we can hope that he one day grows in other parts of his game.

10) Jon Fitch (23-4-1-1NC) for the last and final spot there was a little bit of debate, but all and all we can’t slight him from being KO’d by Hendricks. Like Dominic Cruz, the decisionator has grinded out wins over top competition.

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