Tito Ortiz Joins the Management Ranks

By Josh Reese

If there is someone there is someone that understands how to deal with Dana White and the UFC, it would be Tito Ortiz. Ortiz spent just about his whole career inside of the Octagon and though he has had his ups and downs it seems him and the UFC have put all the downs behind them. Since opening his doors he has already gained a few clients, the ultra talented Christiane “Cyborg” Santos is one of the 1st to join Ortiz in his effort not to entirely leave the MMA world altogether. With the Ronda v Cyborg debate raging no doubt Ortiz will be able to guide Cyborg to the right path.

Tito Ortiz a UFC Hall of famer and one of the greatest Light Heavyweights of all time, the owner UFC belt which he defended numerous times. He is know for his wars against Ken Shamrock, and his reluctance to fight Chuck Liddell going 0-2 with the great.

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