Titan FC 24 results

By Josh Reese

Titan Fights once again had a solid card, based out of Kansas city it showcases local talent, with an infusion of national talent. Last night Titan had on hand 2 big (no pun) debuts of Anthony Johnson at Light Heavyweight and the Ultra talented BBJ king Braulio Estima. Many other fighters who are on the cusp of a UFC call up were on display as well.

The debut of Anthony Johnson went off as well as expected, despite the fun we all are guilty of having with Johnson we all were more concerned if we was going to be able to make weight. Johnson for the 1st time since the start of the year was able to make weight and it seems 205 will be his new home.

As both Johnson and Esteves Jones (Fromer Heavyweight) made their debut at 205 Johnson seemed the bigger and stronger man. Johnson was able to control the entire fight and the few times they were standing Jones was not able to get inside of Rumble’s kicks, in the final seconds on round 1 Johnson landed some ground and pound and the fight was saved by the bell. Round 2 Johnson was able to put Jones on the mat and with an arm trapped Johnson opened up with ground and pound and the ref waved Johnson off

Anthony Johnson (12-4) defeats Esteves Jones (8-4) via TKO round 2 (0:51)

In the Co-Main event was witness to the ultimate grappler v striker match up in Braulio Estima v Chris Holland. Holland early was able to land a crisp right hand after that sent Estima back to the cage, Estima after clearing the cobwebs quickly was able to latch on to Holland and moments later the fight was on the ground. Holland was able to fight off Estima’s 1st submission, Estima was able to switch position and try again and shortly after the 2nd submission Holland was out. The debut of Braulio Estima was a successful one.

Braulio Estima (1-0) defeats Chris Holland (5-4) via SUB round 1 (3:21)

Before the Co-Main event a Featherweight bout between hot prospect Brian Davidson and John DeVall, going in to the fight the men were on opposite streaks Davidson winner 4 in a row while DeVall was riding a 2 fight losing streak. As the fight started the 2 traded kicks back and forth till Davidson was able to drop DeVall with a high knee to the head. DeVall was going a very good job at keeping Davidson off of him while he was on his back, then as DeVall tried to get back to his feet Davidson was able tag him and quickly get in to the mount were he ended the fight with ground and pound.

Brian Davidson (10-3) defeats John DeVall via TKO round 1 (3:32)

In other main card fights Cody Gibson was able to grind out a win over a top Bantamweight prospect Andrew Whitney, Gibson was able to take home the unanimous decision.

Cody Gibson (7-3) defeats Andrew Whitney (8-2) via Decision 3 round

Undefeated Father time beater in Matt Uhde (38) lost gurgling back and forth battle on the ground with Matt Foster in a Light Heavyweight match.

Matt Foster (4-2) defeats Matt Uhde (3-1) via Decision 3 round

In the Main card opener had a Featherweight fight between Bellator vet Jose Vega and Adam Stickley, Stickley was able to continue Vegas losing streak with a 1st round submission.

Adam Stickley (5-3) defeats Jose Vega (8-7) via SUB round 1 (3:23)

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