Thoughts on the Eddie Alvarez mess

By Josh Reese

Who is to blame in the contract situation of Eddie Alvarez….. Is it Alvarez? Well how about the UFC or Bellator? Even yet what about Authentic Sports Management the company that manages Eddie Alvarez? It has been weeks since Alvarez’s last fight and he bid ado to Bellator a while back, but when it comes to this situation the only person I can blame is Eddie Alvarez. Only one person can shape his future and that’s himself, what did he think was going to happen? Today he posted to twitter “I dont know if I can stay quiet any longer, I am very close at just saying F!@# it !!! Sry 4 all the BS guys, things will get figured out” which was followed almost immediately with his next tweet “Guys its not Up to Me, Who I fight for, Trust Me”. After reading that I almost lost my mind!

Yes it is true that the UFC and Bellator put up contracts and your management company is advising you of the situation. The statement of “Guys its not Up to Me, Who I fight for, Trust Me” is just not factually actuate, if you want to fight in the UFC or Bellator F-ing say so!! Tell the media, share it on twitter!!! Make it known to the organization that you want or don’t want to be with them. Yes I understand that being wanted and desired by everyone is cool and fun, but don’t complain when the situation starts to get annoying you made this happen.

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