Thiago Silva suspended again

By Josh Reese

Thiago Silva once again for the second time now in his career has been suspended. The first of which came back in January 2011 in where he won a fight against Brandon Vera via a 3 round unanimous decisions which was later overturned and ruled a No Contest due to invalid results of both his urine samples. He spent a year on the sideline and gave up a major chunk of his winnings. After his year long absence from the octagon he came back to face highly touted prospect Alexander Gustafsson after being picked apart for 3 rounds he ended up being on the losing end of a lopsided victory.

He then came back to face Stanislav Nedkov a grizzled undefeated vet, Silva ended up winning after a exciting bout with Nedkov. This gave Silva his first win in over 3 years, and gave the first loss to Nedkov in his career. Silva then tested positive for marijuana metabolites following his fight with Nedkov and will now receive a 6 month ban as well as going to rehab, he will need to test clean before being able to fight again for the UFC.

This really does hurt Thiago Silva once the greatest thing since canned cheese, he started his career 13-0 and then faced Lyoto Machida after losing to a KO at the end of the first round. He then came back in his next fight and KO’d Keith Jardine, but since that fight in 2009 he is now 0-2-2NC and that is horrible record for anyone. Silva is 30 years old now and instead of climbing up the ladder he is instead descending and with one more loss or screw up you can bet he will be bounced faster then a kick ball off a fat kids face.

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