The Rukus Perspective Special Edition- Pride Never Die- A Look Back At UFC On Fuel TV 8



What was so special about Pride Fighting Championship?  Was it the elaborate introductions, the big, over-the-top like walkouts?  Was it their ththeme music that thundered through the arenas, making chills run down the beings of millions of people for years?  Or maybe it was the 10 minute opening rounds, or the respectful crowds of the Japanese people, who would remain quiet and attentive for the entire fight, only coming to life with the “OOHs” and “AHHs” during big shots, or the slow rumble to a massive roar when a fighter rallied to win?  Maybe we look at the current MMA landscape, and due to is massive expansion, we all miss the product of Pride that was so historic?  The answer is yes to all of these, but even more so, it was because of the heart, the fire, the passion of the gladiators who looked to entertain the fans who gave them a home.  It was the classic battles of the superstars we know today, when they were just finding their stride.  A company that would be deemed as dead when they were purchased by the UFC back in 2007.

Tonight, we witnessed a rising of the Pheonix in some ways.  No… Pride is not coming back, but in the spirit that reigned ever so true back in the day, two combatants who have been through epic wars, to include each other, rose to the occasion and defeated their adversaries when all of the cards were stacked against them.  One man, Wanderlei Silva, who had been suffereing a vicious string of knockout losses over his last few fights, and another, Mark Hunt, barley boasting an above .500 record in his MMA career.  Wanderlei Silva and Mark Hunt would both win tonight by knockout, in the arena where they were known for putting their bodies through hell to make sure the fans knew that they loved them.

The scenario seemed to be perfectly set, Wandy making his possible “last stand” against a fearless Brian Stann, whom many predicted he would be knocked out and sent into retirement, while Mark Hunt, coming off of a 13 month layoff, set to face a young man who was finding his stride, and seemed to be better than him in every area of the game on paper.  What is it about the underdog that has the motivation to dig deeper than they ever have?  These Cinderella Men, the Rocky Balboas, that grip our hearts and have us completely invested in them, bring us back to an era of hope and a happy ending.  Their victories parallelling our own worlds, our own struggles, our own setbacks.  Maybe we translate that to believe that we too can win, we too can achieve.  When they conquer….we conquer with them.

The fact of the matter is that Pride is more than just Pride- The MMA Promotion That Was.  Pride was a Belief…Pride was Heart… Pride was Spirit… Pride was Resiliance…Pride was CHARACTER………ladies and gentlemen……..Pride……IS PRIDE!

…..Pride Never Die!!!!


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