The Rukus Perspective Special Edition- A Look Back At UFC 157


It was an historic evening to say the least.  All of the press, all of the media, all of the  hype, all of the hardcore fan “backlash” came down to this one night. Those who fought, argued, moaned and complained about Hendo/Machida not being the main even were given the perfect reason why they were NOT.  And in a night where we would see women in the Octagon for the first time, even though it was a mere 40 seconds longer than any of her previous fights, we were treated to an epic battle where a champion was tested, confronted defeat and conquered it convincingly.

Robbie Lawler looked refreshed to be back in the Octagon, and showed why he belongs there again. Dropping to 170 and dropping bombs on Koscheck would earn him the victory.  But in a stacked Welterweight division, guys like Koscheck and Josh Neer, who took a decision loss to Court McGee, could find themselves on the chopping block come Monday morning.  Both athletes have been with the UFC for a long time, Neer coming and going, but Kos at sort of a crossroads in his career, will they be a part of the ill fated “100 cut”?

Urijah Faber looks to be back. And I must say, after my own concerns on how he looked at the weigh ins, appeared to have no problems with Menjivar, who had recently hit a stride in his career and looked ready to take Urijah to the test.  Faber appears to have that hunger again, taking Mejivar’s back early and sinking a standing rear naked choke.  If things go according to plan for Dominic Cruz and Renan Barao to unify the Bantamweight title, Urijah could face Eddie Wineland to see who the next challenger for the  strap will be.

A co-main event that was pushed,pulled, tagged, redone in fan edited posters as the “main event” couldn’t hold a candle to some of the prelim fights that were on FX.  When I first heard this fight was going to happen, this is exactly what I feared would happen. Machida, the counter striker who does not like to engage, and Henderson, who looks to pull in close, throw bombs, dirty box etc. Stylistically, it was an ugly match up, and the result was just as bad.  “The Dragon” wins by decision, however I would be surprised if he got the next crack at the Light Heavyweight title.  Forgettable fight.

The main event would be one that fans will be talking about for a long time. And I can guarantee, all of those sexist, narrow minded, ignorant individuals that touted that the ladies didn’t deserve to have the main event, who trolled and “boycotted” the fact that they would turn off their TVs after that mess of a co-main, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SAT DOWN AND WATCHED THAT FIGHT.  Those who made the moronic statements that they would buy the PPV only to change the channel, didn’t dare touch the dial.  They were caught up in the hype, the electricity, they watched these women perform, and they were entertained.  There were multiple stereotypes and boundaries broken tonight.  And while, even though we as fight fans, knew that the women have been here all along, there was something crazy exciting about tonight.  I think of Shannon Knapp and her belief in showcasing women, drawing media attention to ALL women with Invicta Fighting Championship.  I think of Strikeforce and the legendary matches between Cyborg and Gina Coranno, or Alexis Davis and Sarah Kaufman.

Finally, you have the main stage, and because of you, our sport has the main stage.  This is what it took to really draw main stream attention.  Not Brock, not Anderson, not GSP, but the women who show that they have just as much if not more heart and killer instinct than any other male warrior on earth.

Ladies, all of you- Ronda, Liz, Cat, Miesha, Alexis, Sara M, Sarah K- and thousands of others all over the world, stand tall and stand proud, for this night belongs to you.

UFC !%&……..exactly what it should read.




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