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Colin “Freakshow” Fletcher was an interesting character that caught the eye of many fans with the crazy tattoos, eccentric fashion sense, creepy weigh-ins and walkouts for MMA events.  I recently had the chance to catch back up with him post-UFC to talk about a few things.


First and foremost, how have things been since your fight with Ricci? fletcher3(total)

Yeah fantastic really I’ve been spending a lot more time having fun with the wife and kids like I used to and before the fight I had a lot of training issues that me and my coaches have sorted now .

Looking back on your time in the TUF: Smashes house, how was it going home and reintroducing yourself into society?  We’ve heard stories, to include Mike Ricci himself, where the mental aspect of the time in the house really affected him, and had trouble going back to normal life. 

It was easy really I think people can take things to seriously I enjoyed the TUF experience it’s a kind of once in a life time thing so I tried to have a lot of fun which I think came across in the show even now I find it pretty funny to watch but with that being said I did find it hard to be away from my family so when I returned home I was just over the moon to see them, my wife and kids are everything to me so it was pretty easy for me to get back to normal.

Now we know that you were recently released from the UFC post UFC 158, a lot of the public believed that you were released too soon.  The general rule of thumb that’s been with the UFC is that a 3 fight losing streak is usually what equates to being released.  However, you truly only had one official fight in the UFC.  What’s your take on the entire situation?

Yeah I mean I know I didn’t perform my best in my last two fights but Norman Parke is a good friend of mine and the fight with him made me feel strange but I wanted to get back in the cage and fight to get rid of the that feeling so I took the fight with Mike on 6 weeks notice and I struggled to get the lads together and set out a strong training camp I felt garbage all the way through that camp then the flight to Canada was delayed so we arrived on the Wednesday night.  After I the weigh in I was throwing up all night and to be honest I felt dreadful going into and throughout the fight but I thought I’d be given more time to find my feet and show my real fighting style in the UFC but I don’t blame them at all for cutting me after my very hesitant uncharacteristic last two performances on the smashes finale then my first UFC contracted fight at UFC 158.

The “Freakshow” style character has attracted a ton of attention. And it’s interesting to note that it’s not a gimmick, but a persona of sorts.  It’s refreshing to see that, as you have basically branded yourself this way.  What are some of your influences that led you in this direction?  Any favorite books, movies etc that you used to get into?

I’m not sure to be honest the guys at the gym in the early days called me a freak because of my strange style and I’ve always dressed up silly to get a reaction out of people.  I love having fun with my life and I tend to just do what I feel most of the time.  I love all kinds of music and movies really and everything inspires me just to be myself .  Life’s to short for regrets so I just embrace the weirdness inside me.
Your Custom Walkout Song “Greatest Show On Earth” is still the most streamed song on my website to date.  Give us a breakdown of how you viewed the overall process of us working together on your custom song, and what went through your mind after our initial talk about what style you wanted compared to the first rough draft sample that I sent for you to listen to? 
A custom walk out song is pretty important to me and it has to show parts of my character and get me inspired to step in the cage.  I couldn’t have been more happy with how the track progressed from initial talk to the final edit and I’m even more pleased that people streamed and listened to it also it is a great tune though if I do say so myself.  (Song can be heard here:
What is next for Colin Fletcher?
I’ve been approached by a few organisations mostly US at the moment so I’m going on holiday in a few weeks with the Misses n’ the little dudes then I’m gonna weigh up my options and get back in ASAP. Now that I’ve sorted my training out and I have a point to prove you ain’t seen the best of me yet I’ll be back ( terminator voice )  :)
Well let me say that I appreciate your time, and it was an honor to create music for you that matched your persona.  We definitely look forward to seeing your name on the big stage again soon!





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