The Fight That Matters

By Josh Reese

The Heavyweight championship fight this week is the fight that matters, since Frank Mir won the belt in UFC 48, 10 fighters have held the belt including Mir for a second time. The championship fight features a 5 round bout between the current belt holder, Junior dos Santos (14-1) and the former two time belt holder Frank Mir (16-5). The weigh in was held yesterday with Mir coming in heavier at 261 pounds to Santos’s 239.

Mir comes in to the fight today as the elder at 33 years old, the only word to describe Mir would be veteran he has fought in the UFC since UFC 34. He has beating some of the biggest names in the sport including Santo’s mentor Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira “Big Nog” twice and is the only man to KO and Submit the former Pride and UFC champ. Mir comes in 3-0 in his last three fights breaking Nog’s arm, going to a decision against Roy Nelson and KO’ing Mirko Filipovic “Cro Cop”.

Santos the champ like Mir is a UFC vet, although he joined the UFC later then Mir and is younger at 27 he got his first fight at UFC 90, he took out Fabricio Werdum in the 1st round via KO, a man much like the man he will face tonight. Werdum would rather take your arm then hit you in the face. Since that fight he has went 7-0, with his last two wins over former champions a KO over Cain Velasquez and a decision over Shane Carwin.

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