Should Aldo go to 155?

By Josh Reese

Jose Aldo the Brazilian Featherweight killing machine is in uncharted territory. As the 1st and only 145 pound champion, he has reached a point where new challenges are few and far between. After beating former 155 pound champ Frankie Edgar, 3 rounds to 2 rounds. Match ups with top contenders already in the division are somewhat un interesting. Yes guys like Ricardo Lamas (13-2), Cub Swanson (18-5), Chad Mendes (13-1) and Chan Sung Jung (13-3) are the rightful contenders for the Featherweight thrown, but they have kind of lost the excitement they all once had.

Honest why eat pizza with only cheese as a topping when you can have pepperoni on the pizza too. In my eyes when talking in terms of people who should face Jose Aldo a 145 top contender like the guys I mentioned above are just cheese on this pizza. Aldo has 8 title defenses, and of those 8 he has yet to sweat in a fight… to really question when Buffer is calling the name of the winner, am I going to win this fight? The time is now for Aldo to make his run at the 155 belt, and that starts with a fight against Anthony Pettis (16-2). If he should best a 2nd top 155 contender in a row is there any question a super fight at the end of the year between Jose Aldo vs Benson Henderson/Gil Melendez is a fight that should happen. The time is now for Aldo to make a run at dual belts!

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