Sara McMann heads to Strikeforce

By Josh Reese

Invicta after sending undefeated Bantamweight Cat Zingano (6-0) to Strikeforce sent another Bantamweight to Strikeforce as Sara Mcmann (6-0) joins the Showtime cast. She is expected to debut in November on the Cormier vs. Mir card.

McMann for a while now has been considered an eventual opponent for the also undefeated Ronda Rousey, both women are former Olympians. Rousey received a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing games, while McMann received a silver medal at the 2004 Athens games.

“I am not sure how long my MMA career will last and, with the time I have left in the sport, I need to take every opportunity that comes my way to fight the best competition out there, so this move is part of a bigger picture for me.” McMann said in reference to moving to Strikeforce instead of fighting for the Invicta Belt

The cooperation Invicta continues to share with other organizations should be commended Invicta understands the growth of women’s MMA is the ultimate goal. The sharing of talent just goes to show you the forward thinking that will make Invicta a success.

It is unclear who McMann will face for her debut fight in November, it is very unlikely her first fight will be against Rousey. Depending on how long of a break Miesha Tate wants to take a fight between Tate and McMann would be a great as both work their way to Rousey. Liz Carmouche could be another great fight.

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