RyMcD’s Rants – SOPA (Stop Online Priracy Act) Will Be The End Of MMA

RyMcD’s Rants – SOPA (Stop Online Priracy Act) Will Be The End Of MMA

By: Ryan McDonald

SOPA, Stop Online Piracy Act, will be the end of MMA.

Stuff like SOPA will kill media outlets like Fat Ninja Media, and other online MMA news sources if it gets passed. Taking away a huge portion of MMA’s only news coverage.

Most MMA fans get their news and updates for the sport from online sites like this one that you are reading my blog on. SOPA, if passed, will make it impossible for us to survive. It means that any images, videos, sound bytes or quotes that are found on the sites could go against this new piracy law. Meaning the government could shut the site down automatically.

With Zuffa and Dana White supporting SOPA, it could be shooting themselves in the foot. The sport already has a lack of coverage in the main stream media outlets as is. But even when those outlets do cover MMA they could be breaking the SOPA rules as well. Thus eliminating more coverage. I understand that SOPA protects the ppv buys, and helps get rid of illegal streams of these events. Giving reason to their support of the act being passed but the minor details would kill of a lot of other things that give the sport exposure.

I really do think that the government has to go back over and review the act before trying to pass it through.

Google has started an online petition to help put a stop to SOPA. Please for the support of this sport we love, go sign it here. Let’s stop SOPA and save MMA.

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