Robichaux replaces Garcia at Legacy FC 12

Steve Garcia is out at Legacy FC 12, so enter maybe the best option to begin with. Chad Robichaux (14-2) is now scheduled to take on ex UFC’er Will Campuzano (10-4). Campuzano and Robichaux will now battle at LFC 12 for the flyweight title.

Campuzano a WEC and UFC vet is (1-4) inside the big organizations, but is undefeated outside the big boys, he also defeated his original ring mate Garcia via split decision. After his release from the UFC, he is 2-0 with a KO and a Submission to his resume.

Robichaux the elder and once retired fighter, is back and down a weight class after his first, two losses last year he is now coming off a 51 second win over an ex UFC’er in Joseph Sandoval at LFC 11. When Fat Ninja Media asked Robichaux about his thoughts “wanted this matchup for a long time, great opponent and exciting fight!”

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