AUGUST 23, 2013– As the 1st Season of Bellator’s Fight Master draws closer to the end, the season has been met with mixed reviews, unstable ratings and seemingly missed opportunities.  One thing that is for certain is that there is a star among the group, one who has been to hell and back and is well on his way to a great story of redemption.  That man is Joe “Diesel” Riggs.  It has become no secret that Riggs has been carrying the ratings for the show, as they post their highest numbers when he steps into the cage.  But according to Riggs, there were a ton of missed opportunities that could have provided not only some good tv, but some pretty funny moments.

Bellator has purposely taken a very straightforward approach in their storytelling in Fight Master, no drama, just fighting.  20130619072206_fightmaster2_640But in the world of reality television, the ingredient of drama, no matter how much fans say they don’t want to see it, draws people in.  It only takes a 10 second clip of Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate squaring off, with the champ snatching something out of Miesha’s hands, throwing it to the side and pulling in closer, while Miesha stands with that sneaky smirk, to realize this is going to be destination TV for the fall months.

“There was all kinds of stuff that happened in the house that would have been absolutely hilarious to show on tv, but they didn’t show it,” Riggs explains in regards to filming in the fight house that did not air.

“The only thing we had to do in the house was play pool, so we would bet on games to pass the time, that’s all we did.”

If anyone noticed while watching “Diesel’s” fight last night that his head had been shaved, here’s why:

“We had a bet on a pool game and I lost, so the guys held me down, and shaved my head. My ass hair ended up getting shaved, and I shaved my **** hair and Tim Welch lost a bet, so we put honey on his face and I put my **** hair all over his mouth and he had to eat lunch with it on his face.”

While some of the hilarity would have been bordering the line of what would be appropriate or not on Spike TV (let’s remember, this is a network that runs shows such as Manswers, 1000 Ways To Die during these types of time slots), the frat house style drama, whether funny or intense is something that people enjoy as part of reality TV.

Joe was also vocal about his most recent opponent Evan Cutts, who lasted two rounds with Riggs on the show, nearly being TKO’d in several instances.

“Man, I hit that guy as hard as I absolutely could and he would not go away.  I thought ‘my God this kid is crazy’. There were a couple of instances where I knew if I was allowed to throw some elbows it would have been over, but I’m telling you right now I have never been in the cage with someone who took the shots that he took directly on the chin and not go out.  There was one time in the second round where he was on his back, I pulled his leg and looped an uppercut while he was down and I caught him square on his chin.  His whole body flew back.  I thought he was done, but he hung in there.  They didn’t say it on the show, but his skull was cracked across his hairline from one of the knees I hit him with.  He couldn’t even fly back home, they had to drive him home because of the air pressure.  I say that because he is one tough dude.  Hands down, Evan Cutts is the toughest fighter I have ever faced in my life.”

Another thing that Joe had to say was about Coach Joe Warren’s comments concerning Riggs being mentally weak due to weight cutting.  It’s no secret that Joe Riggs is a massive welterweight, cutting as much as 30 pounds for a fight.  It appeared that Riggs’ mental state was deteriorating due to the massive weight cuts coming back to back, however this was not the case.

“I didn’t really appreciate hearing what Joe Warren had to say when I saw the episode back.  I felt like it was very disrespectful, because I didn’t hear anything of the sort when I was there.  Anyone who was with me knows that the reason I was out of my head a bit on the show was because I missed my wife and kids so much.  My wife and kids are everything to me, and the guys on the crew kept asking me all these questions about them, and I finally just broke down.”

Joe Riggs is very up front in his devotion to his family, his wife, son and daughter, whom he cherishes with all that he is.  He has also experienced loss, as his first son passed away from SIDS at just one month old. Any extended time away from the family wears on his heart, a heart that he wears on his sleeve.

“These times when my kids are growing, it’s such a small window, I will never get that time back, and it means everything to me to be with them as much as humanly possible.”

As for Warren’s miscalculations as to Joe’s mental state or his heart due to weight cutting, “Diesel” has this to say,

“I can tell Joe Warren this right now, my issues on the show had nothing to do with weight cutting.  It may have been several years ago, but I have a great camp around me right now, training out of the Lab in Glendale with John Crouch, Ben Henderson, Jamie Varner and Tim Welch and they’re like family.  Everyone knows, it doesn’t matter how much weight I cut, I will never gas out, you won’t see it happen.  Joe Warren may be a good fighter, but I guarantee he wouldn’t be able to handle what I do….if he were in my shoes, he would crumble.”  

Joe Riggs is now in the semi-finals and will fight again next week on Bellator: Fight Master, which currently airs on Spike TV, Thursdays at 11PM.

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