Ray Sefo the new Dana White

By Josh Reese

Have you heard of the MMA World Series of Fighting…. Neither have I till now, this promotion will be headed by an actual fighter in Kickboxing legend Ray Sefo. The man who once beat Mark Hunt and Gary Goodridge will be playing the role of Dana White for this brand new promotion.

All ready Sefo and the WSF have passed the UFC at least in the early days and at least for one event. November 3rd the very 1st card will be on display as they have a deal in place with NBC sports, at least for one fight. It was learned today that NBC will evaluate after the fight, the card will headlined by former UFC’er and the former WEC Bantamweight champion Miguel Torres (40-5) he was quoted as saying “It’s a new company, a new beginning and being on NBC” as some reasons to why he selected WSF over other opportunity’s.

The cage for the WSF will not be a Octagon or a ring, instead they will use a Decagon for those that aren’t a fan knowing all the different terms for Gon’s the WSF will use a 10 sided cage 2 upping the UFC. Competing with Stikeforce’s Mir vs. Cormier on the same night Sefo is confident that with NBC sports it will be just as good. Like the UFC the goal for WSF is to one day be gobal, they for now will call Las Vegas and Planet Hollywood home.

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