Quick Minute: Mikey Rukus On The Cover Of SCRAPP!




Fight Music Producer Mikey Rukus, has been steadily growing his client roster as well as his fan base by using his client based business approach of creating Custom Theme Music for MMA fighters and companies .  From promotions in the far reaches of the earth to elite athletes in the UFC, Mikey’s presence has been one that has been brooding and consistent.  With the momentum building to an undeniable level, Mikey Rukus has drawn enough attention through his work to be the first ever Fight Music Producer to grace the cover of an MMA magazine,  SCRAPP! Fight Magazine to be exact.  SCRAPP!, a digital magazine, has been in circulation for years and has had such MMA personalities on the cover as Alistair Overeem, Anthony ThumbnailPettis and Bjorn Rebney.  The magazine has a large amount of exclusive content for a mere $1.99 per issue, or you can receive a yearly subscription for $9.99.  Check out what Rukus has to say about his background, upbringing, influences and more.  As the momentum of Mikey Rukus continues, it is clear that this is just the first of many “firsts” in the industry for the branding strategist.  Rumors are swirling that Rukus is in talks with several major apparel companies concerning sponsorship.  If a deal closes, Mikey will be the first ever Fight Music Producer in the history of the MMA to be signed and sponsored by a major MMA apparel company. Be sure to order and download your copy of SCRAPP! Fight Magazine today!

Order Magazine here: www.scrappfightmag.com 

Mikey Rukus Body Of Work/Client Roster: www.soundclick.com/mikeyrukus

Follow Mikey on Twitter: @MikeyRukus


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