Pro Elite Results – Grove Defeats Minowaman

Brent Schermerhorn (4-1) vs. Kaleo Gambill (1-0)

Round 1 –
Gambill comes right out and throws a couple jabs that land but Schermerhorn responds with a nice left hook that drops Gambill. Gambill back to his feet and not even 20 seconds letter Schermerhorn connects with a nasty left hook on the sweet spot and Gambill goes out.

Winner via KO in round 1 – Brent Schermerhorn. His record improves to 5-1.

Tasi Edwards (2-0) vs. Pat Cummins (1-0)

Round 1-
Edwards comes out with a lazy head kick to feel things out and only 30 seconds into it Cummins secures a take down and gets in a couple shots. Stands up and then finds himself in side control but for only a second. Right back to side control is Cummins. Cummins eventually gets Edwards’ back searching for a rear naked choke but can’t get and has to let it go. Edwards is not mounted with Cummins dropping down shots with half of the round remaining. Complete domination so far by Cummins with a nice knee to the bread basket. Cummins is searching for a choke and once again works his way to Edwards’ back. Cummins gets him mounted once again and works in an arm triangle and Edwards has no choice but to tap.

Winner via arm triangle in round 1 – Pat Cummins. His record improves to 2-0

Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final Match Up
Ryan Martinez (6-1) vs. Cody Griffin (5-2)

Round 1 –
Fight starts out with both men feeling each other out by throwing little jabs measuring the distance. Martinez throws a couple nice kicks, one to the leg and one to the stomach but not much effect. Huge bruise on the inside of Griffin’s leg from Martinez’ inside leg kick. Nice little flurry from Martinez but it ends as soon as it starts. At this point, Griffin is cut above his right eye but it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. Martinez storms in a bit and gets Griffin up against the cage but they are back to the center very quickly. Martinez throws another nasty leg kick and it lands solid but it looks like they are not phasing Griffin at all. Minute left of round 1 at this point and not much going on until another little flurry by both fighters but once again, it ends as soon as it starts. The last 30 seconds of round one was both fighters basically just standing in the middle of the cage trying to measure.
Round 1, 10-9 Martinez

Round 2 –
Round 2 starts by both men touching gloves and once again trying to feel each other out. Martinez goes for what looked like an inside leg kick but caught Griffin in the groin. At this point Griffin is taking time to recover from the accidental shot. After about a minute, he is ready again. Martinez once again smacks Griffin with an inside leg kick which Griffin is not checking any of these, and the bruises show this. Griffin starts to show boat a bit and getting cocky trying to drag Martinez into a fight but it doesn’t work. Back to both guys standing in the center, not doing much. I’m surprised the crowd isn’t booing at this point. Couple more outside leg kicks land for Martinez but not much more. Couple jabs by both fighters but no one is following up with and combinations so it’s basically a jab for each fighter every 30 seconds. The last 45 seconds of round two, Griffin starts to talk trash and stalk Martinez around the cage connecting a couple times but nothing serious. He eventually slows down and ends on a note of no one doing anything again. If the judges gave Griffin this round for making faces at Martinez, I quit.
Round 2, 10-9 Martinez

Round 3 –
Round 3 starts out better then either of the first two rounds with a nick kick from Martinez but it slows quickly. Martinez knocks Griffin off balance and connects with a few shots in a flurry but once again it leads to both men standing in the center of the cage not really doing anything. They keep talking about how Martinez’ people are in contact with the UFC but everything I have seen right is telling me that would be a short stay for him as we are half way through the last round absolutely nothing is going on. At this point, the crowd is booing very loudly showing their frustration in this fight. Griffin is once again taunting Martinez but Griffin isn’t doing anything either. He has made more dirty faces then punches thrown. Martinez finally connects and does some taunting gestures of his own by waving Griffin “let’s go”. It was a five second magical moment. The last few seconds of the fight, Griffin charged Martinez a bit but it was something he should have done two rounds ago.
Round 3, 10-9 Martinez

Winner via unanimous decision 30-27, 30-27, 29-28 – Ryan Martinez. He improves to 7-1.

Heavyweight Tournament Semi Final Match Up
Jake Heun (2-1) vs. Richard Odoms (6-0)

Round 1 –
Right off the bat Heun slams Odoms to the mat in devastating fashion and gets the mount immediately. Moves for an arm bar but Odoms is able to get out of it and end up on top. A little bit of scrambling and transitions on the ground and Odoms gets Heaun’s back but can’t quite get the choke. They are back to their feet and Odoms has Heun against the cage. Heun gets another take down on Odoms and gets himself in half guard and immediately works to mount and gets Odoms back. Odom is able to recovery and get Heun in his guard. This is a very high paced fight for heavyweights. At this point I wonder how long this can last. Odoms is taking some shots from Heun but not must damage. Heun rolls for a leg lock but Odoms grabs his leg and Heun just opens up on Odoms and now you have two guys each going for a heel hook. This fight is great. Both men look like they are pretty tired already due to the high pace this fight has already had. Have to give the 1st round to Heun.
Round 1 – Jake Heun 10-9.

Round 2 –
Round 2 starts off a little slower as Heun looks tired. Heun has Odoms against the cage, it goes to the ground briefly, back up and right back down again via a take down by Heun. Once again, Heun mounts Odoms very easily and lands a couple shots. Odoms gives up his back and reverses it quite easily. Heun then gives up his back and Odoms sinks in the rear naked choke and Heun has no choice but to tap.

Winner via rear naked choke in round 2 – Richard Odoms. Odoms improves to 7-0

Sara McMann (6-0) vs. Hitomi Akano (18-8)

Round 1 –
Southpaw stance for Akano as they come out in the opening round feeling each other out just a bit. Rather quickly, McMann goes for a take down, Akano goes for a submission which doesn’t last and McMann hits side control. Akano gets McMann into half guard and McMann is hitting Akano with some nice shots to the body. Akano gets McMann into full guard but McMann hits a few more body shots. Akano momentarily throws the legs up but doesn’t really get anything out of it. McMann hits Akano with a nice right hand from the guard and Akano throws the legs up again. McMann is staying busy with some body shots and going to the head every now and then. Referee stands them up and I have no idea why. I’m getting a little sick of this as McMann was staying quite busy. Anyways, back to the center of the cage they go once again trying to find their distance and very quickly McMann violently takes down Akano and right into side control and then mounts. She then gets Akano’s back but she is controlling McMann’s wrist’s nicely. A lot of rolling on the ground and McMann is back into the mount with a few more transitions as the bell rings. End of the round 1.
Round 1 – Sara McMann, 10-9.

Round 2 –
2nd round doesn’t last long on the feet as Akano tries to Judo toss McMann but she is just too strong and takes Akano down once again. McMann is in Akano’s guard but Akano has McMann’s hands tied up so she can’t really do much. Akano looks to be trying for an arm bar but she just can’t get it. Akano keeps going for the submissions as she throws up for a triangle. McMann throws a couple punches but the ref once again stands it up. Once stood up McMann connects and rocks Akano but Akano recoevers quickly and back to the center of the cage. They clinch and McMann once again takes Akano down but Akano goes for a key lock but McMann is much stronger and she just can’t get it. McMann transitions nicely and works back into the guard of Akano. Accidental thumb to the eye and the ref stands them back up. Right away, McMann takes her back down. Complete wrestling dominance from McMann. Akano keeps going for submissions and has a nice little flurry from her back on the top of McMann’s head. Bell rings, end of round 2.
Round 2 – Sara McMann, 10-9

Round 3 –
3rd and final round and 15 seconds into in, McMann takes her down and up against the cage. At this point, Akano needs to finish to win but she just can’t do much with the stronger, better wrestler McMann on top of her. McMann is working a bit but neither fighter can really advance or do much at this moment in time. Akano has her legs up and looks like she is going for a triangle and landing some shots from the bottom. Akano is holding onto that triangle to the best of her ability but McMann finally pops out. She was never in any danger. The reg stands them up again. Back to the center they go and McMann flurries and gets a nice suplex take down on Akano. McMann is in Akano’s guard again but when they are in the position, nobody can really do anything. Akano is trying to transition for submissions and they are back their feet but not for long. McMann takes her down again and then the bell rings. Fight over.
Round 3 – Sara McMann, 10-9

Winner via unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 – Sara McMann. McMann improves to 7-0.

Kendall Grove (13-9) vs. Ikushia Minowa (51-32-8)

Round 1 –

The reach is quite obvious in this fight as Grove is really keeping his distance and trying to connect on Minowaman. Minowa is throwing some leg kicks and Grove is trying to counter. Grove is stalking Minowa looking for his opportunity. Grove throws a nice head kick but doesn’t connect. Grove is backing Minowa against the cage but Minowa decides to roll to his right. Literally roll. Grove is really putting the pressure on Minowa but Minowaman is backing up and running out of the way a lot. The eventually clinch and Minowa tries a take down attempt but is not successful and has Grove against the cage. After a lot of work Minowa gets Grove to the ground. Grove tries to wall walk but Minowa takes him back down. Grove is doing well tying him up as Minowa currently cant do much. As much as the McMann fight was stood up, I’m surprised this wasn’t. The round ends with Minowa on top. Depends on how they are judging, I think they may have given that round to Minowa.
Round 1 – Minowaman, 10-9.

Round 2 –
Grove stalks Minowa immediately as the round starts throwing a head kick trying to end it but it doesn’t land. He is backing Minowa up against the cage but Minowa circles and back to the center they go. Grove is throwing some front kicks but nothing that is really landing at all. Minowa goes to his back and Grove calls him back to his feet. Minowa goes for a double leg and backs Grove into the cage but Grove takes him down and ends up in Minowa’s guard. Grove is in half guard and goes for a Darce choke but Minowa gets out but Grove gets his back and throws the body triangle in and keeps searching for the rear naked choke. Minowa is doing a good job controlling Groves wrist’s though. With only 15 seconds left in the round you can hear Groves corner (including BJ Penn) yelling the time as Grove keeps going for submissions from Minowa’s back. End round 2.
Round 2 – Grove, 10-9

Round 3 –
Round three starts off quickly with Minowa going for the take down but cannot get it and Grove bascially has his back and throwing shots on the side of Minowa’s head. Grove works in the hooks and has Minowa’s back with 3:30 left in the final around. Minowa spins but Grove then mounts him. Minowa gives up his back and the body triangle is back in on Minowa with three minutes left in the fight. Grove once again is searching for the rear naked but it’s just not there. With two minutes left in the fight, Grove remains on Minowa’s back and dominating the fight but just can’t find the submission. Minowa is desperately trying to escape but can’t. Grove has released the body triangle but keeps Minowa’s back. Grove is giving everything he has trying to find a submission but can’t. Minowa is trying to stand up but is having a hard time. The fight ends with Grove on his back. Fight over.
Round 3 – Grove, 10-9

Winner via unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 – Kendall Grove. Grove improves to 14-9.

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