Point Counter Point: Ronda Rousey v Cyborg

By Marisa Martinez & Josh Reese

With all the talk about this Ronda Rousey v Cyborg super fight we thought it would great to offer a point for and a counter point against the match up everyone seems to want. The two women seem distended for each other one day but sooner or later seems to be the more apt question involving the two ladies. Ronda Rousey (6-0) is coming of of her 6th first round win and first title defense, all 6 wins coming via armbar. Cristiane Santos (10-1-1NC) is still serving a suspension for a positive drug test, and she is the former featherweight champion.

Why the fight needs to happen

The number one reason I believe she needs to take her on is because that is really her only challenge at the moment. No one else out there matches her in aggression and strength like Cyborg does. And like Ronda said, Cyborg kind of needs this fight to get back in the game, prove herself and clear her name. What better way to do that than to take on the champ?! No one has been able to prove yet whether Ronda “can take a punch” or not. Kaufman was the one to do it but Ronda neutralized her instantly and did what she does best. The more she trash talks and hypes up the possibility of this fight, the more it’s going to get into Cyborg’s head and it’ll just make for an even better fight and potential rivalry.

Why this fight won’t happen…

Ronda owns Bantamweight, yes with her quick ascension she has seemingly ran out of opponents, but that is not the case there are still ladies out there that can offer a challenge to her belt. As much as it seems Rousey and Santos hate each other neither women seems willing to compromise, and as much as Rousey would hate to admit it Santos has a point. Ronda started her career 145, its not like Santos ever went to 135…. Per Santos she can’t even attempt 135, at 145 she only has 8 percent body fat you can’t lose much more then that. On top of that she is still on suspension and wont be back till December at the earliest and it looks like she is waiting to be let go by “Zuffa” tweeting “I am waiting to be released”. If Uncle Dana can step in this fight could happen, but till those fat stacks of cash get put down neither lady is going anywhere.

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