Point Counter Point: Brock vs. Fedor

By Josh Reese and Marisa Martinez

So if you haven’t heard…. Once again the MMA community has been turned upside down and is still in shock over the thought that Dana White could once again be looking at a match up between Brock v Fedor. After a failed attempt years back he is once again is looking if there is interest, and believe me there is interest on both sides of the coin. So in today’s point counterpoint we look at should this fight take place or should it not happen…..

I think Dana is really just feeling around and exploring his options right now. I don’t think this fight would happen or really should happen. Both Brock and Fedor are in their late 30s and don’t really have an extremely solidified or broad fan base in the UFC. Older fighters in the UFC need solid fans like Ortiz, couture, and Liddell had in order to really sell. I feel like fans are sick of seeing older fighters coming in and out of retirement, they tend to lose respect.

Regardless of age, chicks dig the long ball and in this instance the long ball is Heavyweight’s. Brock and Fedor both are on the wrong side of 30, but both are the absolute top 5 biggest names in the sport hands down. The UFC has tried to book this fight once before for the 100,000 seat Cowboy Stadium before and with the UFC closer than ever to superfights this fight makes more since then ever. Just Image a Main event and Co-Main event of GSP v Silva and Brock v Fedor that would break records that would never be matched again. Both Brock and Fedor transcend the sport and they are the few fighters that will get non fans to buy the ppv.

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