No-Influx at Light Heavyweight

By Josh Reese

Jon Jones has officially run out of challengers…. Sep 1 Jon Jones will defend his belt for the 4th time against Dan Henderson a sure fire future hall of famer, but what happens if Hendo can’t solve the Jones puzzle? Well Dana White and the UFC want you to believe that one of the 4 Light Heavy’s fighting this weekend would be the next in line to face Jones.

The only problem with that plan is that none of those fights are really sellable to the public and if we take it a step farther Jones not only beat all of the 4 he finished all of them as well. None of the 4 even made it out of the 3rd round. The only fighter of the 4, Dana motioned with a semi decent win streak is Ryan Bader but his wins came against an old Jason Brilz, and a slower Quinton Jackson.

None of these guys make sense to be the next guy to face Jon Jones. Jones teased earlier in the year he could be ready to go Heavyweight by the end of the year. The UFC shot down that plan so now Jones is stuck recycling former opponents, until someone rises up from the shadows.

The one man, who has been forgotten, has been the “White Jon Jones” Alexander Gustafsson. Dana mentioned that a big fight is looming for Gustafsson. Who though? With Jones tied up with Hendo, and these 4 knuckleheads facing each other this weekend. Gustafsson is left, out in the cold. The UFC has recently broken from the tried and true winners face winners, while losers face losers. So with that being said a recent winner and a loser emerged that could be fights for Gustafsson. Forrest Griffin is coming of a win against Tito Ortiz, and Rashad Evans is coming off a loss to the champ.

That pretty much rounds out the top ten in UFC, what do you think about the current match making the UFC has made recently. Do you think Alexander Gustafsson is ready for the big fighter looming on the horizon?

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