MMA Black Wednesday

By Josh Reese

Black Wednesday a total of 16 fighters have been released from the UFC (List below)

Jon Fitch WW (24-5-1-1NC) , Wagner Prado LHW (8-2-1NC), Mike Russow HW (15-3-1NC), Jacob Volkmann LW (15-4), Vladimir Matyushenko LHW (26-7), Che Mills WW (15-6-1NC), Jay Hieron WW (23-7), Terry Etim LW (15-5), Paul Sass LW (13-2), Jorge Santiago WW (25-11), Mike Stumpf WW (11-4), Simeon Thoresen WW (17-4), C.J. Keith LW (8-2), Motonobu Tezuka LW (19-6-4), Josh Grispi FW (14-5) and Ulysses Gomez FLW (9-4)

No doubt the fighters above phones are getting blown up right now with tweets and love from fans and family. While they will be pissed at not being a part of the UFC anymore, for many of them they can come back. With recent performances it is like sending a baseball player back down to the minors after making it to the bigs. Yes it hurts but if you can prove yourself it will only make you better! Some guys like Hieron and Santiago will probably never see the UFC again outside of buying a ticket or cornering a fighter but we can’t feel sorry for those guys they have had multiple chances to show case themselves. At 1st glance of this list you can bet that MMA around the world got a little bit deeper today. With a 2nd glance of the list we see a name like Jon Fitch and we know were his next stop is….. Bellator!

Fitch and Bellator were made for each other, ever since the company told us that going through the tournament isn’t the only way to face the champion. You can almost set your watch to Ben Askren and Jon Fitch fighting, it’s a win win for Bellator. If Askren win’s he is legit and Bellator champions are legit and if he loses and Fitch wins well you have a former top 5 WW as your champion…

The only person that really got screwed today was Ulysses Gomez not only was he the only person cut from an already thin division. There just aren’t that many opportunities for 125’ers outside of the UFC. So he might have to bounce back up to 135 and fight bigger guys again.

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