MFC 32: Co-Main/Main Event Predictions

By: Mike Thorwart of Fat Ninja Media

MFC Lightweight Championship:

Brian Cobb vs. Antonio McKee

Brian Cobb is coming into this fight with a lot of momentum behind him. He has won four straight now with his most recent win being a devastating TKO over seasoned veteran, Drew Fickett. Brian Cobb is a finisher. Out of his 19 wins, 15 of those have been finishes with 12 being submissions and 3 being (T)KO’s. He is always looking for a way to finish the fight and not letting go into the hands of the judges. Look for nothing less in this fight as Cobb will be looking for a finish.

However with that being said, dominant wrestler, Antonio McKee is a force to recognize. Personally, I think McKee is one of the more under rated lightweights in the MMA world. Despite this split decision lost to Jacob Volkmann just a little over a year ago, the 40 year old had put 11 wins together in a row over some very tough opponents. Some question the man’s style as he has a record of 26-4-2 and has 18 decision victories out of those 26 wins. All but three of those decision wins were one sided unanimous decisions.

Obviously with Cobb’s submission game, McKee will need to keep on his toes when taking him down but I feel that McKee will over power Cobb and once again win via a unanimous one sided decision.

Prediction: Winner and will walk away with the MFC lightweight title, Antonio McKee.

MFC 32 Superfight:

Dwayne Lewis vs. Wilson Gouveia

This fight is interesting as both guys are coming into this fight with their last loss coming from Ryan Jimmo and both men had quite a long lay off. Gouveia hasn’t fought since May of 2010 and Lewis hasn’t fought since February of 2011.

I had a chance to speak with Gouveia this past weekend, and he sounds very motivated for this fight. We all know about his back issues but according to Gouveia, he got in touch with the proper people, got himself fixed and is back and ready to fight. He also stated he is ready to put on a show for the fans.

Gouveia’s resume is nothing short of top tier talent. He has a lot of fights with guys were close to contenders, or have fought for a title. So, the experience level is most certainly not an issue.

Dwayne Lewis is no slouch himself as he too has fought some upper echlon fighters. Not quite the talent that Gouveia has, but none the less, some great talent.

The high level fight experience is certainly on Gouveia’s side which I think will be the tell all in this fight. Lewis comes into this fight with most of his wins coming via (T)KO and Gouveia comes in with most of his wins via submission. Gouveia also stated that he wants to show off more of what he has in this fight so we may see a little stand up war. However, in the end I believe that Gouveia will take this to the ground and get a submission victory over Lewis.

Winner via submission in the later rounds.

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