Main card fight recap UFC on Fuel Sweden

@One_Punch   (Brad Pickett) v @damaciopage   (Damacio Page) 135lb division, Pickett looked every bit the better man, Page hung in there both rounds but Pickett got the better in every exchange. Pickett finished off the fight and leaves with his third fight of the night in his last 4 fights, although he only won 2 of those four. Pickett cements himself in the top 10 in the 135 pound division, a fight against the winner of the Torres v McDonald would make a very nice next fight for Pickett.



@DaMarques_UFC   (DaMarques Johnson)  v @MaguireTheOne (John Maguire) 170lb division, Maguire started with a take down after a few kicks from Johnson. After both traded submission attempts, Maguire remained on top and in control for the remainder of the 1st round. Maguire started the 2nd round going for a takedown but Johnson scrambled to gain top position. Johnson then going for some pounding on the ground gave Maguire some space and he worked his way back up to his feet. After looking a little wobbly Johnson then chops Maguire in the leg again and you can see some real pain in the face of Maguire. Maguire works a takedown after an exchange with Johnson on the fence, both exchange ground strikes as Johnson scrambles to break free, unable to do so Maguire grabs the arm of Johnson and steps over and seconds later forces Johnson to tap.  A step up in competition for Maguire would make since he is on a 7 fight win streak and meeting Josh Neer would make since.



@DennisSiver   (Dennis Siver) v @thegunnunes   (Diego Nunes) 145lb division, as the two exchange kicks while dancing around the cage. Siver catches a kick and takes Nunes down but the two quickly stand back up. The two put on a kicking clinic the first round, head kicks, spinning kicks, checking kicks, but with 10 seconds left Nunes gets the clinch and puts around 5 knees in to the body of Siver. Not enough to give him the round as Siver pushed the pace and had control of the octagon in the 1st round.  Like the 1st round the 2nd starts about the same way Siver countering with more punches, but this round has Nunes pushing the pace more but the octagon control goes to Siver. Round 3 opens with Siver being much more aggressive both men landing combos seemingly at will, both men also using kicks almost like they have no hands. Nunes able to score a clinch and put more knees in to the mid-section of Siver, after breaking Nunes again grabs a clinch and as they exit a cut is open underneath the eye of Siver. Siver then scores a clinch on the fence and as Nunes breaks free Siver unloads a heavy handed combo. Very, very close fight but the win goes to 145 new comer Dennis Siver, trying to guess a next fight for Siver is tough because he is not sure where he wants to fight as he is able to flip flop between 155 and 145





@PauloThiagoMMA   (Paulo Thiago) v @SiyarTheKiller   (Siyar Bahadurzada) 170lb division, not really sure what happened in this fight upon first glance the two danced around the cage trying to feel each other out and as Thiago goes in for a takedown it looks like Bahadurzada catches Thiago hard in the rib cage and Thiago falls flat on the floor. Looking at the slooooow moo as Thiago rushes in Bahadurzada clips Thiago across the chin with a right then steps back and adds a right to his head as Thiago is falling and that combo lands the new comer with an extra 50,000 dollars. Bahadurzada needs to face the winner of John Hathaway v Pascal Krauss for a true first test in the octagon



@BrianStann   (Brian Stann) v @SakaraLegio   (Alessio Sakara) 185lb division, Stann opens the round moving a lot after tossing a leg kick Sakara catches and counters with a combo. Unfazed Stann gets in a exchange and unloads on Sakara, Stann after the exchange gets the take down after some work Stann ends it with a short elbow and a crisp left to Sakara’s noggin. A fight against Chris Weidman makes a lot of since as Stann continues to try to move up the ladder.



Main Event

@AlexTheMauler   (Alexander Gustafsson) v Thiago Silva 205lb division, Swinging is how the match starts, after breaking Gustafsson drops Silva then adds a huge hand while Silva is down. Silva gets back up and Gustafsson using his range starts picking apart Silva. Silva ends the round still trying to find a way to get inside of Gustafsson’s range. Round 2 starts with Silva landing a shot to Gustafsson’s cheek but shrugs it off and tosses Silva to the ground hard. After some weak up kicks Silva is allowed to stand back up, after standing up Gustafsson starts mixing it up with legs and fists but still keeping Silva at range. Silva lands a nice hand and starts stalking Gustafsson, but he is able to escape trouble.  Silva starts to control the cage for a minute but the range of Gustafsson causes Silva to give it right back up. Gustafsson in the 3rd round starts adding fades and more movement, Silva gets in range and lands a crisp hand but as soon as he gets in range he losses it Gustafsson just too quick and to long for Silva to figure out. At the end of 3 rounds the Swede comes away with the win, a fight between Ryan Bader would be nice one more big win before either Bader or Gustafsson gets a shot at the belt. 

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