Junior dos Santos wants Cain Velasquez next!

By Josh Reese

So after one of the most one sided beatings in recent MMA history Junior dos Santos (15-2) would now like a rematch with the champion Cain Velasquez (11-1) The only problem is…. Does dos Santos deserve an immediate rematch. You can go back and forth with the yes’s and no’s but 1st of all it’s unfair. Velasquez had to wait his turn and defeat Antonio Silva, before the chance arose to face dos Santos. We can all understand dos Santos’s need to show something better then he did, we can understand his need and want, to fight for the belt again so quickly. In my eyes his fight does not warrant a 3rd fight so soon, in recent history the only guys who received instant title rematches were Frankie Edgar and Benson Henderson. In the case of Frankie fighting Benson the fights were so close that not even the boss Dana White would say either way who won the fight…. Those kinds of fights need instant rematches!

look in the case of Chael Sonnen, in 2010 Sonnen took Anderson Silva 4 and half rounds in which he was the “Cain Velasquez” in that fight. He owned every second right untill he left an arm out and Silva was able to slap a triangle choke on Sonnen. That fight deserved an instant rematch hell they should have fought the next weekend. Instead Sonnen had to wait for 2 years and beat 2 more fighters to get his long awaited rematch. Dos Santos’s fight with Velasquez was no were in the same ball park as Sonnen vs. Silva. That isn’t to say something crazy could happen and dos Santos vs. Velasquez could happen, it just shouldn’t happen. Yes the Heavyweight division does lack “Top” contenders but there are two guys ahead of you at the moment and they fight very soon. Feb, 2 at UFC 156 Alistair Overeem will take on Antonio Silva in what will likely be a number one contenders bout. The winner should get Cain and the loser should get Junior!

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