John Albert after the loss

By Josh Reese

John “Prince” Albert (7-3) a TUF season 14 alumni known for his toughness and grit recently lost via Armbar in the first round to Erik Perez. A very questionable call that was made by Ref Kim Winslow. Winslow stopped the fight as Perez was putting extreme pressure on Albert’s elbow. Winslow has the distinction of being MMA’s 1st women ref, but also controversy follows her like a fat person follows cake.

Ex Strike Force fighter King Mo complained after his fight with Lorenz Larkin and was very critical of Winslow, making comments about Winslow standing them up after they were on the ground while Mo was working. Mo ending up winning the fight (was later overturned) but was very upset at the stand ups.

We asked Albert if Winslow came by to explain her reasoning “No unfortunately, but my coach Dennis Hallman did a good job of bringing her down to the commission or judges table and she admitted she didn’t hear a verbal tap but she was afraid for my arm” But like Albert told us if he wants to break his arm, let him break his arm.

If a fighter feels confident he can escape it should be his decision to press on. Sean Shelby (UFC) told Albert he was sorry about the stoppage and told him that he will be back as soon as he is ready. Albert shared with us he didn’t suffer any injuries and expects to be back in August. Albert understands the Ref’s job in MMA is one of the toughest in the world, but when you’re in the biggest promotion in the world you deserve the best Ref’s in the world.

“I feel watching amateur shows and other organizations that people who are familiar with martial arts or have a background in martial arts do a much better job reffing” said Albert. We agree best refs for the best fighters.

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