Jessica Aguilar v Megumi Fujii Bellator 69

By Josh Reese

Women’s MMA at its finest tonight was on display as Women’s Strawweight conventional number 1 and 2 were pitted to the test inside of the Bellator cage.

Short feeling out process by the women, Aguilar landed the cleaner punches as Fujii was still trying to get inside. Fujii worked a takedown and Aguilar worked back up to the feet, while in the clinch on the cage Aguilar landed some big knees. After escaping they worked back to the center Aguilar this time scored a take down and while in the top position, Fujii hooked on to the arm of Aguilar, it looked tight but she was able to roll and escape. Aguilar 10-9 in round one.

Fujii down a round come out quickly but found herself on the wrong end of the exchanges with Aguilar. Throughout the round were short exchanges by both the fights but in every exchange used her boxing to win the round. Aguilar 10-9

Down two rounds, Aguilar opened up the fresher fighter, landed some crisp shots. Fujii sensing desperation went for a takedown, it was originally stuffed but Fujii motored through and took her to the mat. On the ground both women worked and even though Aguilar was on her back she still was the busier fighter of the two. Aguilar 10-9

My view Aguilar 30-27
Judges view Aguilar defeats Fujii 29-28

After the fight Fujii said she was going to take some time off to think about whats next

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