Jeremy Stephens Update

By Josh Reese

UFC on FX 5 went on with almost no problems, but two fights ended up not being able to showcase there skills Dennis Hallman and Thiago Tavares and Jeremy Stephens and Yves Edwards. Hallman ended up being cut from the UFC, while Stephens sat in jail while the event went on, Dana White throughout the day insisted that Stephens and Edwards would happen but the night passed and Stephens still sat in jail. White in the media scrum afterwords offered that Stephens was held on a out of state warrant and with White’s best effort to try to get him on the card, Iowa (were the warrant came from) was not willing to cooperate. White stated that this charge originated from a felony assault warrant from Iowa, as told by White it was wrong place wrong time that is being blamed on Stephens. One of the deals that White told the media was offered to him in which he immediately accepted was that Stephens would have armed guards escort him to and from the arena but that was quickly changed and he sat in jail. White afterwords said Tavares and Edwards would be on cards as soon as possible.

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