Jay Hieron gets the call

By Josh Reese

7 years has past since Jay Hieron last stepped in the Octagon at UFC Fight Night 2 were he lost to Jonathan Goulet via a TKO in the 3rd round. A year before that he got his 1st try with the UFC were he ran in to the Georges St. Pierre current UFC Welterweight legend. UFC 151 was suppose to be a Welterweight tilt between Jake Ellenberger and Josh Koscheck, but like everything lately injuries have affected a fight Kosh confirmed that a bulging disc is going to keep him from stepping in the ring with Jake.

A few ideas were floated around, Bj Penn was thought of… Moving the fight back was another idea but it looks like BJ Penn really wants Rory MacDonald and UFC 151 only has 11 fights as it is, a 10 card fight is weak in today’s eyes. So the UFC in a bind had very few moves they could have made, and with less the a month tell UFC 151 kicks off Jay Hieron was the best available option.

Hieron (23-5) since his loss to Goulet in his last UFC fight in 2005 he has went 16-3 one of the better records of a former UFC’er his wins include a decision to Jake Ellenberger, a TKO against Delson Heleno for the The IFL Welterweight Championship. He also was included in Bellator’s season 4 Welterweight Tournament and after winning the Tournament he came inches away from beating Ben Askren in a split decision. After a two day absence from twitter Hieron tweeted 5 words “Today is a good day” need less to say getting the call from the UFC would make any ones day good… Hell I’m still waiting on my call, when I do I’ll tweet the same 5 words.

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