Is the world ready for a Fallon Fox?(update)

By Josh Reese

Fallon Fox

The CFA (Championship Fighting Alliance) for you fans not familiar with every promotion out there, has just received some publicity. Wanted or unwanted is yet to be determined, but CFA 10 just recently concluded March 2nd where they hosted an 8 fight women’s tournament at Featherweight (145 pounds). Like the Bellator tournament style, with fighters, giant checks, and a title shot. The CFA set it up about the same way, the winner of their 8 woman tourney winning 20k and the Featherweight title. The 8 women who took place in the tournament were Peggy Morgan, Revelina Berto, Tori Adams, Ashlee Evans-Smith, Ericka Newsome, Fallon Fox, Kelsey De Santis, and Allanna Jones. Advancing to the semifinals are Peggy Morgan, Allanna Jones, Ashlee Evans-Smith and Fallon Fox.

With that said some news has been broke that the license of one Fallon Fox is now under review (broke by MMAjunkie) Now before today my guess is no one on earth know who Fox was, so here is a little bit of a back ground. She has an ammy record of 3-0 and now a pro record of 2-0 with all wins coming by way of a 1st round finish, but that could be in jeopardy as Fox has come out as a Transgender person.

Per the MMAjunkie story the CFA is behind her all the way even going as far as canceling the next event as a show of support to Fox, kudos to the CFA for having the back of their athletes. It was also reported that in 2006 she had gender reassignment surgery along with supplemental hormonal therapy. Now none of us are scientists, so to have the argument of “oh she has man strength” or whatever is just unfair. The real question is not really a question, its opinion and in most cases the court of public opinion can often be brutal. In my opinion it shouldn’t be a really big deal, she isn’t fighting to make Tens of millions or even a million. She is 36 so it would seem that she is more just trying to make a statement, I would like to think that we as a society have moved past gay, straight, bi, transgender, black, white or whatever…. As we grow as a society new things are bound to come up, a Lesbian MMA fighter, A Gay soccer player, a football player who loved a fake girlfriend, in my honest opinion people are people.

Yes it might, no it will be odd to know that she used to be a man but really it’s none of our business. It is not like she is random male MMA fighter who couldn’t cut it has a male so he hacked up his body to become a female and make a run. At the time of the story Fallon Fox was not able to be reached for a comment but her latest opponent Ericka Letrice Newsome who is now 0-2 as a pro, Newsome and her camp are contesting the fight with Fox. Newsome shared that preparation leading up to the fight would have been different, as a woman in a male dominated sport she has no doubt trained with as many men as she has women. I asked Newsome if during the fight if there was something she could tell was off, if Fox had the quote “man’s strength”. Newsome responded, “Strength wise, I couldn’t tell, she didn’t throw a punch at me the only strike she threw was the knee.” Like everyone we are all waiting on the license ruling, and if it turns out in Fox’s favor we could experience more drama with Newsome’s contesting the fight which she has every right to do so, but when asked if she’d fight Fox again Newsome said “If given a rematch, I would take it” So while we aren’t close to Newsome vs. Fox 2 at least in this instance Newsome did not seem to have an issue with Fox being transgender, just that she hid it until after the fight.

It isn’t just Newsome who was left in the dark but also the promotion the CFA was not informed by Fox, so with that it was a little bit shady that Fox pick now to share the news and while the timing is not helpful the CFA is still standing behind her “We are hoping for the best outcome, and If she gets approved by the commission.. That will be the best outcome for CFA.” President Jorge de la Noval said. When I shared with Noval that Newsome is contesting the fight and would be down for a part 2 with Fox, Noval was not opposed to the idea saying If Fallon gets approved by the commission and both fighters agree… Then yes I will make it happen.”

So this story will take many twists and turns before it is all said and done, but for Newsome, Fox and the CFA. All could have a happy ending as soon as the ruling comes down.

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