Introducing: The Rukus Perspective

Hello everyone! First let me say that it is an honor to have been given the ability and the platform to express my perspective on the fight business and what I do within the industry.  If you are just hearing of me for the first time, I thank you for stopping by to find out about what I do. I don’t know exactly where this part of the journey will take me, or us, but what I CAN say is that my goal is to in some way maybe help some of you, maybe provide some insight, debate, inspiration, a laugh or two, or maybe learn a little something in the process.  My hope is that you get to know who Mikey Rukus is, whether you’ve been the indiviual or company that has worked with me previously, or a larger entity who has been watching and on the fence, questioning if you should work with me or not. You could be a fan looking to gain some insight into another side of the industry, whomever you may be, I hope that you take something with you whenever I post.  I will always encourage you to share these blogs on Facebook, Twitter etc. and I am always open for comments and feedback, emails, anything in particular you would like to know as well.

I will apologize in advance, with my High School English class never really being  my strong suit (sorry Ms. Hipps),  I may not be the most savvy (savviest? is that a word? lol) when it comes to phrasing properly, but I will do my best!

There is no REAL format to this, but I promise to always keep things fresh, offer a variety of things. We may talk about the recording process for a particular fighter, we’ll talk about the business and things that I have encountered in the 2 1/2 years that I’ve been involved, I’ll share stories from time to time as well as share some exclusive interviews with some of your favorite UFC stars and abroad as they come along.  I will be upfront and let my previous clients, current clients, and future clients know that I will not put your name on blast (unless its absolutely necessary), as the last thing I would want to do is damage someone else’s career.  However, if you’ve screwed up with me in the past, best believe we’ll be talking about it :).

I am not immune, and I am not perfect. I’ve been put in my place a few times along the way and I will share those stories with you as well. I do that because I know that I am still learning how this business operates, and in the midst of trying to work, move forward, reaching the next level…sometimes you receive a life lesson within the most unlikely of places.  Rest assured, by the end of every blog, you will know that Mikey Rukus is indeed a niche within the MMA industry, not some flash in the pan, not another “here to day-gone tomorrow” t-shirt company, and not a scammer like the hundreds of companies and individuals that I, as I’m sure many of you, have come across in your time in the industry. Mikey Rukus in essence is a one man operation, but make no mistake, I would not be here without the help of several key people within my personal and my professional lives who have believed in me, extended a hand to me, and helped get me to here I am. I know I have not arrived yet, but with every ounce I have within my soul I will go after it. My desire has always been to provide for my beautiful wife and 8 children (yes 8) and do it with the one thing that I was put on this earth for, creating music.

If you are hearing of me for the first time, or if you just want to check out some of my more recent work if you haven’t visited in awhile, here is my website with my entire body of work:

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If at any point anyone has any questions, comments, concerns…or if you have an idea for a topic for me to discuss, feel free to email me at

Next week, I will be discussing a topic that effects anyone who has a business in the MMA industry, and that is business ediquette, Spamming versus promoting, Scammers versus grinders, posers versus legitamate businessmen. You have either encountered one of these or ARE one of these. We will address it and the effects it has on everyone involved.


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